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mushrooms growing in weed plant soil

Are they going to complicate things?


My questions.

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Any way to stop them without changing the soil?

Mushrooms growing in weed plant soil

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (1 point)
Posted: June 9, 2013

The mushroom likely came along with the potting mix, as fungal mycelium. You can see mycelium growing on the surface of the potting mix in the attached photo – white fuzzy growth. The mushrooms will not harm your avocado, as they are living on the bark chips and organic material in the mix. You can continue to pluck them out, but there are a couple of additional things you can try. The potting mix looks too wet. I would suggest letting the surface dry out more. Secondly, you could replace some of the mix near the top, which would get rid of some of the network of mycelium that has developed. You are not the only one with this experience – see reply below.

Response from Scott’s representative on Miracle-Gro review website – July 2, 2012 .
We apologize for the mushrooms that you have found growing in your Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix. Our soils are natural composted products that have not been sterilized or treated with to kill off resident fungi or bacteria. Compost by nature will develop mold/fungus, some of which will develop mushrooms. You can simply pull the mushrooms out and dispose of them.