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movies about growing weed

Movies about growing weed

Try The Culture High, made by the same people who made The Union. Its amazing!

Interesting fact: a British film funded by crowdfunding website Kickstarter

Has anyone seen the documentary where interviews are conducted in Amsterdam during the cannabis cup (coffee shops are also visited, i.e. Green House, Grey Area, et al), and if so, can you tell me the name of the movie/documentary?

Great Grass, Big Benefits!


Director: Anna Rau

Was it ” Nederwiet docu” ? a documentary about origins of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Director: Dale Beaumont-Brown

Sexing Marijuana Plants – How to see if your cannabis plant is male or female

Thanks for your comment, we’ll check it out! Sounds really interesting. We hope you continue to enjoy the blog,

Put “the scientist” on this list. It covers the life and study made by Raphael Mechoulam discovering the cannabis compounds and the ecs. Very motivating

Movies about growing weed

So far there have been 3 seasons of this series, with a total of 25 episodes each of about 25 minutes on HBO, plus the previous 19 on the Vimeo platform, so it’s a great way to have a fun time.

We hope you like these suggestions for movies, series and documentaries and that they’ll help you to spend some highly enjoyable moments relaxing with your favourite plant. Films and series related to cannabis often give this particular subject matter a more comical treatment, but in this article, we’ve shown that this needn’t always be the case and that this theme can adapt perfectly well to other genres, as well as making us laugh.

Disjointed is a 2018 series that was heavily promoted by Netflix upon its launch, offering 2 seasons of 10 episodes each. The series revolves around Ruth Whitefeather Feldman (played by Kathy Bates), a veteran pro-cannabis activist who opened a cannabis clinic in Los Angeles, California with her son. Although the series was launched with great fanfare, and produced by Chuck Lorre, creator of hit series such as The Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men, unfortunately, it hasn’t managed to win the hearts of the public and Netflix cancelled its production in 2019, leab¡ving stoners with a total of 20 chapters, divided into 2 parts, with which we can immerse ourselves in the smoky atmosphere of the US cannabis dispensaries in the style of an American sit-com.

Amazon Prime presents “Gringo, Wanted Alive or Dead“, a fictional comedy that tells the fate of Harold Soyinka, an executive for a pharmaceutical company that markets a cannabis-based drug who is sent to Mexico to monitor the production of the raw material. Things go sideways when Harold gets kidnapped by a Mexican cartel who intend to scare away the legal competition. A fast-paced action film, which features the always-fantastic Charlize Theron in a supporting role.

Illegal, the irrationality of banning Medical Cannabis

Bearing in mind that the range of films and series offered by these video-on-demand services is regularly extended, and also that the content may vary from one country to another, in this article we’ve selected the series and films available for viewing on some of these platforms that are related to cannabis in one way or another. We’re hoping you enjoy a good cannabis TV session as much as we do, smoking comfortably in the company of Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime.

This 2014 film was directed by John Stockwell (‘Top Gun’, ‘Blue Crush’) and starring Jonathan Daniel Brown (‘Project X’, ‘Bad Milo!’) and Kenny Wormald (‘Footloose’, ‘Clerks II’ ), and is available for you to watch on HBO.

There’s no doubt that The Beach Bum is a “highly” enjoyable comedy and essential viewing for stoners.

Kid Cannabis, the tale of a teenage trafficker.

Weeds. Una de las series cannábicas de más éxito

The Legend of 420 takes us on a journey through the decriminalization of cannabis in the United States. The documentary explores the different methods of consumption, turning the typical image of recreational cannabis on its head. This report delves into the world of haute cuisine, art and medicine among others, taking a different approach to the usual stereotyping. An hour and twenty minutes of 100% cannabis, this documentary explores various unseen aspects surrounding the cultivation and consumption of cannabis in the States. An enjoyable film to watch, and if you don’t know much about Cannabis is, it will give you another point of view on its uses and benefits. Highly recommended!

Movies about growing weed

The plot involves a server of process (Rogen), the person who serves people with lawsuits, and a marijuana dealer. They go on a hilarious adventure after witnessing a murder by a hitmen and a corrupt police officer.

Cheech & Chong: Up in Smoke

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter, We’re the Millers is about a small-time marijuana dealer who creates a devious plan to smuggle pot over the Mexico border. He asks his neighbors to help him by pretending to be part of his family.

We’re the Millers

The original Harold & Kumar film begins with this 2004 film. What happens when you mix two stoned guys and the fast food chain White Castle? A sequence of silly misadventures, of course. Their comical adventures include feeling from the police (many times), being knocked out by a tree branch, running from a cheetah, and even a little romance.