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mother of berries seeds

Mother of berries seeds

Beginners be warned though, it is incredibly potent with a THC of up to 21%. For sure, packs more than enough to knock users to the couch.

Odor and Flavors

Moreover, other than its tantalizing aroma of berries, this strain continues the legacy of its Blueberry parent, known for its deeply relaxing quality that rolls from head-to-toe.


Additionally, it grows to an Indica stature, which sits at a rather short height. At 150cm, this plant can easily adjust well indoors where there is not much space for lateral growth. It grows quite bushy as well, so pruning light-blocking fan leaves may be required in order for the lower nodes to absorb just as much nutrients.

Mother of berries seeds

Soon after it had been launched, it didn’t take long for MOB to clinch its first award, winning second place in the indica category at the prestigious Expo Grow Cannabis Cup 2015 in Irun, Spain. Being the ardent T.H. Seeds fan that he is, the Doc was highly excited about this new strain release and promptly ordered a package with five feminized seeds, of which he used four for a cultivation test.

The total dry yield tipped the scales at 273 grams, an average of 68 grams per plant. Compared with the yield level generally achieved by the Doc, the MOB wasn’t a smasher in absolute terms, but in view of the small plant sizes with final heights of 46, 49, 54 and 58 centimeters, the yield-to-size ratio was superior. After thorough drying and curing, the chlorophyll had vanished from the buds and their delicious berrylike nature had become even more pronounced and sophisticated—“a fine example of a fruity cannabis delicacy,” according to the Doc.

Growing MOB

It’s time to report on a truly legendary strain known throughout North America as MOB (a.k.a. the Mother of Berries), bred and released by the renowned seed company T.H. Seeds. The origin story of this stalwart variety has never been revealed—until now.

But internodal stacking was immensely dense, and when the Doc triggered them into flowering four weeks after germination, his extremely bushy four MOB plants were only 28, 30, 31 and 34 centimeters tall—wonderfully uniform once again, just as the Doc is accustomed to from T.H. Seeds. “In my grow room,” the Doc says, “T.H. Seeds set the gold standard for strain uniformity a long time ago, and they’ve kept it until today—quite amazing!”

MOB Yield

The four MOB plants kept their fast flowering speed until the end and reached maturity after 46-52 days of flowering—well within the harvest window stated by T.H. Seeds. Said the Doc: “One of the four plants remained green, but the other three are displaying attractive purples hues, indeed, absolutely nice! Also, the buds have become as bulbous, dense and super-tight as expected. And they’ve put on a splendorous resin vestment lined with myriads of majestically glistening trichomes.”