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monkey balls seeds

Monkey balls seeds

Hazeman Seeds Monkey balls (Deep Chunk)

Monkey balls is a phenol of Tom Hills Deep Chunk. We had some F1 seeds to make this F2 give away of Tom hills creation. The yield of this plant is very high. Expect the flowering time to be any where from 56 – 63 days. This is another old Classic brought back just for the holidays.

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The name Monkeyball plant is inspired by the decorative, unique 5cm to 6 cm ( 2 to 2.5 ) inflated, translucent lime green hairy seed pods which are produced in late summer. They provide much amusement dangling from the upper branches of the plant. It is also a very cool cut flower. It is a curiosity plant, with drooping clusters of white flowers, giving way to these hairy pods. Mature plants grown in the ground can reach six feet in height and up to six feet in width but container plants although restricting the size of the plant, make it easy to bring indoors in the winter. Position in full sun or partial shade. Over time (and protected from frost), the plant can develop a thick, woody stem, which tends to dip under the weight of its branches, flowers and fruits, taking the shape of the neck of a swan, that is why it is also called Swan plant . Flowers are a nectar source for many butterflies and leaves are a food source for monarch butterfly larvae (caterpillars). Sow the seed in the spring to early summer.

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