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molasses for growing marijuana

Molasses for growing marijuana

One of the biggest advantages your grow gets from molasses starts with your growing media. Applied as part of a complete fertilization program or as your “secret ingredient” in plant teas, the natural carbohydrates in molasses support beneficial microorganisms at work in the root zone. Increased activity by healthy, well-fed beneficial microorganisms actually improves your soil, enhancing the movement and exchange of air, water and nutrients.

As with all Earth Juice liquid fertilizer products, shake your molasses for plants product vigorously before each use. Then add it slowly to room temperature water or fertilizer solution and mix well. Follow label guidelines for rates per gallon of water or fertilizer solution to mix mild, medium or strong formulas for hand feeding, hydroponics or compost teas. For more specific rate guidance on formulas targeting vegetative, transition, flowering or ripening stages, download the Earth Juice Additives Feeding Chart.

How Molasses Benefits Cannabis Growth and Yield

Run-of-the-mill supermarket molasses varies significantly in quality, consistency and composition. Unlike this premium choice, a lot of those products come from beet sugar or other low-quality sources instead of pure sugar cane. Some even have artificial sweeteners or sugar water added. Plus, they include additives that work against the plant benefits molasses provides.

It’s important to understand that, despite the natural benefits, all molasses isn’t created equal. To optimize your grow, you need a premium molasses product you can count on to deliver all the benefits of molasses reliably and consistently. That’s why growers who know continue to trust their gardens to the all-natural carbohydrates and plant nutrition found in Earth Juice Hi-Brix Molasses For Plants Plant Food 0-0-1.

Why Premier Growers Choose Premium Molasses For Plants

Common molasses products often contain a preservative called sulfur dioxide. Manufacturers add this chemical compound to kill the unwelcome bacteria that make grocery store molasses go bad on the shelf. But sulfur dioxide’s antimicrobial action has the same killing effect on beneficial microorganisms in your soil. On top of that, sulfured molasses can introduce that unpleasant chemical taste to flavor profiles.

Molasses for growing marijuana

Fortunately, molasses is less known to cause nutrient burn than other additives. Once you see that your plants are responding well to the molasses, without any negative indications, you can gradually increase the dose.

Molasses isn’t just for baking cookies anymore. Cannabis growers everywhere have started discovering the incredible benefits of molasses for growing better cannabis.

On that last item, using molasses as an insecticide, some growers find it useful in combatting aphids, white flies and other pests.

Sulphured vs. Unsulphured Molasses

Molasses contains most of the same nutrients found naturally in healthy soil, making it an appropriate supplement or additive to keep cannabis plants consistently well-fed.

This type of molasses is called sulphured molasses. Sulphur dioxide is unsuitable, however, for growing cannabis. For this reason, unsulphured molasses is the only type suitable for growing cannabis.

What is molasses?

As cannabis plants grow, however, and they continue to feed on these nutrients, they progressively deplete these nutrients until there are none left in the soil. It is, therefore, necessary to supplement and replenish these nutrients to continue sufficiently nourishing your cannabis plants.

Known as black treacle in the UK, molasses is a dark, viscous substance produced during the process of refining sugar. First, sugar beet juice or sugar cane is boiled down into a thick syrup.

How to grow weed with molasses

Growing marijuana is often considered a form of art, with many who have dedicated years to perfecting and selectively breeding the weed strains that we all know and love so much today. Though beginners do have great success since most cannabis species are relatively hardy, but those with experience will tell you that feeding your plants the essential nutrients are what will result in a harvest to be truly proud of.

Why are molasses effective nutrients for growing marijuana?

Molasses typically comes in a jar and is a thick, viscous syrup that is extracted from raw sugar cane as it is refined into granulated and icing sugars. A lot of people know molasses to be a cooking ingredient that is often used to sweeten dishes, but the kind that is required for growing marijuana are organic. If you try to use an average bottle of molasses, it will contain hundreds of additives that might harm cannabis, so it is critical that garden use certified molasses be purchased for this task.

Use either the directions located on the product or the one provided below to combine the water and molasses. This solution should only be used from the flowering stage until two weeks before harvest.

What is molasses?

You could ask around to find out your friends most commonly used methods, but there are so many ways to feed cannabis plants that the answers you will receive will be inconsistent. So much so that it might even feel a little overwhelming at first. Here, we will focus on using molasses as food for growing marijuana plants including how to use it, the benefits, and how it works.