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misty morning seeds

​Misty Morning Farms is home to several breeds of chickens, Indian Runner and Muscovy Ducks, as well as American Blue Geese. Our animals include Dwarf Nigerian Goats, Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, Gloucester Old Spot Pigs, Belted Galloway Cattle and Silver Fox Rabbits. We have a bonded pair of Maremma Sheepdogs who guard our livestock as well as 2 alpacas that are utilized as guards for the goat herd.

We carefully select our vegetable seeds, looking for organic heirloom varieties, from the best seed sources available. Our farm animals are heritage breeds that have been chosen for their natural strengths and are integrated into the farm operation lovingly.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form or information below.

Laura hand makes every Leaf and Thread piece with care at her East Brunswick studio in Melbourne.

Wheel-thrown ceramic planter with glazed saucer. Misty Morning is a subtle semi-opaque matte white-mauve glaze, reminiscent of mist falling across the landscape. The clay body is a stoneware, terracotta and raku blend. Each pot has a drainage hole for direct planting.

SPECIFICATIONS (approximately)
SMALL | Approx H8cm x W10cm, perfect fit for terrarium sized plant pots, little cuttings, or hoya varieties.
MEDIUM | Approx H12cm x W16cm, perfect fit for 13cm indoor plant pots.
LARGE WIDE | Approx H13cm x W20cm, perfect fit for mixed succulent planting, mixed fern planting, or re-potting your growing plant from a medium size when it needs a bigger home.
X LARGE | Approx H18cm x W18cm, perfect fit for 15cm and 17cm indoor plant pots.
XX LARGE | Approx H20cm x W22cm, perfect fit for 17cm and 20cm plant pots.

Please note that glazing is fluid and layered and whilst each piece is therefore unique, please expect the pot you will receive to have minor differences from the photographs shown.

Planters come in 5 sizes (Small, Medium, Large Wide, X-Large and XX-Large) and are designed to fit most common indoor pot sizes.