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minimum wattage for growing weed

Whilst have 45,000 lumens within a 1m2 grow area will get you good results, having a light with a higher wattage that produces more lumens within the same area will help you achieve even better results. It all comes down to how much you want to grow, what lighting systems you can afford and what you are prepared to spend on electricity bills. The stronger the light, the more it’s going to cost you.

You will have to take the strain you are growing into account here as well, one large sativa may take up the entire area you would use to grow many smaller indicas. Meaning if you plant to grow a lot of sativas you will need a bigger area and more lights to cover them.

It basically comes down to this, the more lumens cast over your grow area, the stronger your cannabis plants are going to grow. Each plant will require an absolute minimum of 2,500 lumens. A standard 400W HID lamp will usually emit 45,000 lumens. This should be enough to comfortably grow up to 12 cannabis plants in a 1m2 area – with enough lumens to cause strong growth.

There are three factors to consider when deciding how many lumens you need. These are:

Generally speaking, the higher the wattage of the bulb, the more light it produces. The more light that is produced, the better your plants will grow. An excellent way to measure the amount of light you are getting per square foot is through the use of lumens. Wattage and lumens tend to go hand in hand, but can vary system to system. Even though lumens tend to correlate with wattage, it is the design of the light that can have drastic impacts on the actual amount of lumens emitted.

400W and 600W light bulbs are the favorite of indoor cannabis growers. Some growers even use light bulbs with 1000W. This is logical, when you consider ‘more light = bigger yield’. But watch out; the more Watts you use in your grow room, the hotter it gets. Especially with 600W and 1000W light bulbs the temperature can become way too high for your cannabis plants in your grow room. So be prepared to do some temperature control when using strong light bulbs.

Minimum wattage for growing weed

Did you know? Billions of years ago the atmosphere contained very high levels of CO2, and plants evolved to be able to take advantage of it. Although our air contains much less CO2 now, plants have inherited this ability, and you can use that to your advantage in the cannabis grow room!

People use the Gram/Watt measurement partially to decide who is getting the best yields for the amount of electricity used. People most frequently use it to compare the efficacy of different types of grow light. However, this idea is missing a key point.

If you take into account the total amount of time your grow lights are on, it can make a huge difference in the total electricity. The number of hours your light stays on is as important as the wattage of your light.

3.) 1g/W Doesn’t Take “Light Hours” Into Account

3.) Choose a High-Yielding Strain

Minimum wattage for growing weed

Those 400W are also giving you a fairly narrow grow light spectrum, so your plants end up not getting the amount of proper light they need.

Wattage is a measurement of electricity consumption, and while it’s helpful to know how much wattage your grow light uses (so you can make a more economical, energy-saving choice) it actually has nothing to do with the amount of energy your plants need to grow.

Where the myth that you need 1000W to grow hemp comes from

The simple answer is: it’s not really about wattage.

Instead of looking at how much wattage a grow light uses, it’s far more important to understand the grow light spectrum, which is measured in micromoles (?mol). You need anywhere from 180 to 1300 ?mol to grow plants with grow lights, depending on how light hungry your plants are. The Cannabaceae family of plants are on the higher end of the spectrum: they need 800 ?mol to grow up to 85% of their natural potential, or 1300 ?mol to grow to 100% of their natural potential. Kitchen herbs,salads and other leave plants on the other hand only need 180-380 ?mol.

How much wattage do you need to grow indoors?

You can use a PAR meter to determine your grow light’s intensity in ?mol for light spectrum between 400-700 nanometers (nm) – in other words, for any light spectrum that’s suitable for growing plants.