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mini fridge weed grow

Mini fridge weed grow

Looking for a robot friend? Think R2D2 would have been way cooler if you could grow weed inside of him? Israel’s got you covered!


Want to grow your own – at home or on Mars? Seedo is available for purchase in select U.S. states and in Canada. Although it’s not cheap. The unit retails for about US$2,200.


Seedo’s creators hope it will be used in the future on a much larger scale to grow food in geographical areas with poor soil or a difficult growing climate – or even, ambitiously, to eventually colonize other planets.

Mini fridge weed grow

Use silicon, epoxy, or some kind of sealant to secure the fan in place. Allow it to set.
(sorry no pic of this, will get one soon)

work better for this application?

Oh, I get it now. I’ve never even seen weed, so you need to explain things like this to me. you mean that different situations require different things? that’s crazy talk man

whoo shit, I thought I was just giving him an innocent ribbing, didn’t mean for that to get so serious!

First, start with a busted mini-fridge.

Use a 4 inch bit to drill a hole through the back of the fridge. HILTI makes a really tough bit that went right through the steel and insulation.

After some research, I think I might use a 250 watt CFL instead of an LED.

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I’ve heard that 1W per diode is sufficient, and that’s what I’m ordering. I’m not looking to invest ton’s of cash right now.