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midnight mass seeds

Midnight mass seeds

Midnight Mass by Heavyweight Seeds combines Kashmiri with Bubble Candy, making for a sweet, fruity fragrance. It gives quite large yields, fast flowering period and is resistant to rot.

Midnight Mass | Strong Cannabis Strain

When grown indoors, you can place 9 plants per square meter. They can grow quite tall, so you’ll be looking to control its height by pruning the lower branches and increase yield on the central stem – if you use a SoG system from seeds you can increase yield. After 8 flowering weeks your plants will be ready, reaching up to 400g if done right. A Dimmable 400w Lumatek Lighting Kit is a great indoor option.

Growing Midnight Mass Outdoors

Midnight Mass by Heavyweight Seeds is a potent sativa/indica hybrid that makes for large plants that flower fast and give large yields. This strong plant does well in most growing mediums, producing good results both indoors and outdoors.

Midnight Mass is a cross of Kashmiri and Bubble Candy and is likely to provoke a religious devotion in those who partake of the sacrament.

If you’re in search of a powerful marijuana strain that produces high yields together with high levels of THC in double-quick time then look no further. Finishing in 50 days of flowering Midnight Mass could well be the answer to your prayers. It gives a strong, body-buzz but clarity of thought is also present.

Midnight Mass is sweet and fruity but with mellow, earthy undertones. It is very strongly mould-resistant making it a good outdoor plant but it also does well indoors where SOG set-ups get the most out of it.