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medical grade cannabis seeds

Medical grade cannabis seeds

You can find Gorilla Glue Medical marijuana seeds for sale on our website throughout the year.

As we have discussed above, choose the strain with the levels of cannabinoids you need. Mostly, marijuana strains that are Indicas have high THC levels, while Sativas have high CBD levels.

The use of medical marijuana dates back to 2737 BCE in ancient China, where a Chinese Legend, Emperor Shen Neng, prescribed medicine extracted from the cannabis plant to treat various ailments, from malaria, rheumatism, chronic pain, and gout. They also used it as an anesthetic and to stimulate the brain and improve memory. Hua Tuo, a Chinese surgeon, is said to have administered weed powder with wine before performing surgery, thus acting as anesthesia.

If you suffer from the effects of menopause, such as low libido and mood swings, get Wedding Cake medical cannabis seeds for sale, and get your hands dirty. Why? Because apart from uplifting your moods, this strain leaves you feeling aroused, thus improving your sex life.

Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds

Sour Tsunami strain is medical marijuana that features desirable qualities such as high CBD levels ranging from 11 to 13% and slightly reduced THC content levels at 10%. It is a Sativa dominant strain (60% Sativa and 40% Indica) and is a blend between three potent strains; Sour Diesel, Ferrari, and NYC Diesel. This strain is popular among medical marijuana users.

Growing Alien OG medical weed seeds can be tricky for beginners, but a piece of cake for experienced growers. The strain does well in mild climates and with its medium height, you can plant it either indoor or outdoors. It is best planted indoor, where you can loosely monitor temperature and humidity. Indoor-grown Alien OG flowering time lasts for 63 days, after which you are rewarded with high yields ranging from 1.5 – 1.6 oz/ft² (450 – 500 g/m²). Although outdoor crops flowering time is longer, the yields are worth the wait, as they range from 17 – 21 oz (500 – 600 gr) per plant. If you want to add this strain to your garden, you can find Alien OG medical cannabis seeds for sale in our online seed bank.

After you have decided to grow medical cannabis seeds in your home garden, the next step is deciding where to buy medical marijuana seeds? Our online seed shop has a variety of medical seeds whose genetics are tested and proven. So visit Dutch Seeds Shop and choose the seeds that fit your needs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Medical Marijuana Seeds

The method used to consume medical marijuana weed determines its effectiveness. If you want instant relief from your symptoms, it’s best to either smoke, vape, or use patches. But if you wish to have delayed effects, you can use edibles, pills, or infuse the oils with your food or drinks.

Nemesis medical seeds excel in mild climates, and with moderate experience, you can cultivate this strain indoors and outdoors. It is an offspring of Nepal and India F1. Plants grow at a medium height, thus ideal for indoor cultivation. The good thing is that this strain does not disappoint; as long as you provide optimal growing conditions, you are rewarded with relatively high yields after a blooming period of 56 to 70 days.

Medical grade cannabis seeds

Our Medical Marijuana Seeds come directly from Medical Seedbank, a breeder of world class medical seeds chosen from medical cannabis plants with the most medicinal properties.

Medica Seedbank is focused entirely on the curation and development of medical marijuana seeds with the highest medicinal value. Through years of trial and error they have produced a handful of high potency Medical Grade Cannabis Strains, Medical Seedbank only provides medical marijuana seeds with the highest medicinal value!

Medical grade cannabis seeds

Black Indica originates from Spain and is bred from the Pure Kush and Afghan strains, some of the best weed in the world. The seeds are easy to grow either indoors or outdoors, and produce a plant that is short and stocky with wide leaves. Experienced growers can expect an output of about 400 grams per harvest.

The CB Diesel seed strain is outrageously easy to grow in both indoor and outdoor environments. In as little as 9-weeks, you’ll find a lush canopy filled to the brim with sparkling buds that are turbo-charged with medicinal qualities.

From dank berries to sweet floral accents, Blackberry Kush flowers are an irresistible treat for the senses. The effects are strictly medicinal, such as chronic pain reduction to mood-enhancing, and everything in between.

#6 Black Indica Seeds

Characteristics include quick flowering, harvest in eight weeks from planting, and a yield of approximately four hundred grams per plant. Plants are compact and bushy, perfect for indoor growing, though its high-yielding character is well suited for outdoor growing as well, where plants can reach up to three feet in height.

There are many different hybrid strains available that offer the best of both worlds. They are available in both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant varieties, as well as fairly even splits. Hybrid strain users can have the pain relieving effects of Indica along with the wakefulness of Sativa for anytime use.

Last but not least, LA Confidential seeds produce plants that yield buckets of medical-grade bud. When growing the LA Confidential seed strain, you can rest assured that your medicine cabinet is stocked for the long months ahead.

#9 Purple Pineberry Seeds

Overall, it’s challenging to find reliable medical marijuana seeds for sale. However, CB Diesel seeds are easy to buy, and they’re loaded with all the features a medical marijuana patient can hope for.

On the inhale, Crown Royale tastes crisp and citrusy with just a hint of pine. It is a great strain for relaxing but not being bound to the couch all night.