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materials for growing weed indoors

Materials for growing weed indoors

Example of a Space Bucket in Action

Ultra Small, Cheap & Stealthy: DIY Space Bucket

Stealth: Medium to High

Setup Time: Weekend Project. 2-3 hours to set up space bucket, plus time spent getting materials. The trickiest part is making the holes in the plastic of the bucket, but if you have something like a Dremel it’s a piece of cake.

Materials for growing weed indoors

If you’re going for quantity, an outdoor grow will out-yield an indoor grow by a pretty large margin, with the same number of plants. For example, one study that compared yields of cannabis plants in various growing conditions found that outdoor plants yield more ounces per plant than indoor plants (2).

Hydroponic Marijuana vs Soil

If you want a year-round harvest and are not living in a tropical climate…you only got 1 choice: growing indoors .

Growing Indoors: 10 Essential Marijuana Growing Supplies

Now, the initial investment is higher if you go for a LED light though.