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master weed grower

Master weed grower

Master cultivators must understand every aspect of the cannabis cultivation and breeding process. Managing hundreds of different varieties of cannabis in various grow settings including indoor, outdoor, and greenhouses require in-depth knowledge of clones, seeds, flowers, vegetative growth, flowering period, and more cannabis cultivation terms and topics.

Regardless of your cultivation job, you’ll be required to sanitize and disinfect your growing equipment tools such as shears, gloves, clothing. Most cannabis cultivation jobs will be either part-time or full-time with 8-hour shifts from Monday to Friday.

Master Cannabis Grower Job Description & Salary

Average Salary: $12-18/hour or based on pound of weed trimmed

Requirements vary by state. Training is required to teach employees about remaining compliant with state and local regulations. Work permits may require annual renewals.

Get Ready to Work

Before you decide to apply for a cannabis cultivation position, you’ll want to do as much research as you can about the industry and the cultivation space in particular. Knowing about state regulations and the inner workings of growing weed can prepare you for a career in this segment.

Master weed grower

We are looking for a dynamic master grower to join our farm. In this role, your duties will include overseeing our cannabis production, creating cultivation plans, resolving plant issues, and supervising farm personnel. You’ll also manage the budget to ensure that our production targets are met.

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Master growers are responsible for managing cannabis or other crop production cycles of a farm or greenhouse. Their duties include overseeing the harvesting season, developing cultivation systems, and recording inventory. They’re a crucial part of a crop business’s success and are in charge of ensuring that all products meet high standards.

To ensure success as a master grower, you should have excellent knowledge of the cannabis plant and the ability to identify and respond to any issues that arise during production or cultivation. Ultimately, a top-notch master grower should be a dedicated and green-fingered individual with a passion for farming.

Master Grower Job Description Template