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marijuana seeds bitcoin

Marijuana seeds bitcoin

As the situation is right now, you can always get quality cannabis seeds from the cannabis seed banks in a state that allows recreational marijuana. In states that only allow medical marijuana, you may be required to produce a medical marijuana card first to buy the seeds.


Looking at the germination guarantee rate, we find that it is at 80%. Here, The Crop King Seeds bank assures you of a higher germination rate. There is still 24/7 chat support vital for helping you ask more questions on these seeds before you can decide if the brand is right for you or not.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

You will come across different seeds, including beginner seeds, auto flower seeds, high THC seeds, Sativa seeds, feminized seeds, and more. So, you might want specific types of seeds based on your growing conditions. It is good to know that such would be readily available for you to consider.

One thing you should know is that cannabis laws vary from one state to another. You might get one state that allows buying and selling cannabis seeds while others do not. So, it is best to check out the state laws before buying cannabis seeds to avoid any trouble with the authorities.

Another reason you may want its seeds should be the free seeds with each order. There will still be many offers you can get with the brand. This includes getting a discount if you pay with bitcoin than the other methods provided. Nevertheless, always check on the official website to see if it is still available.

I Love Growing Marijuana

You can get the best marijuana seeds from this seed bank because it is an active cannabis grower. The seed bank harvests and sells you the seeds by following proper farming practices. Since the brand knows a lot about its cannabis seeds, you can be confident in their advice on growing cannabis plants.

4. What is the best marijuana seed for sale?
Here it depends on personal preference since most seed banks have various strains available to consider. Always start with what is your need then proceed to buying the seeds next.

Marijuana seeds bitcoin

Once you have some Bitcoin in your wallet, you’re free to make anonymous transactions until your hearts content. Whenever you send a payment, all you are sending is a little piece of encrypted information that goes almost instantaneously to the receivers account.

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If you’re unsure, check out forums, articles or review sites to find out who does what.

How do I get it?

First of all you’re going to need a free digital wallet, somewhere to store your Bitcoins in. I recommend you check out Bitstamp ( as in my experience they’ve always been safe and secure. It’s worth noting that some wallets have been hacked in the past, but these guys never have.

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What Is Bitcoin?

Once you have your wallet, you either have to buy some Bitcoin from an exchange at its current market value using your regular currency, ask somebody to send you some, or you have to mine it.

For those of you living on another planet these last few years, Bitcoin is a decentralized electronic currency that’s used for all kinds of online transactions from new pairs of socks to motorized unicycles. Its anonymous, self-regulated and most importantly it’s extremely difficult to trace. Hence why you see so much negative media about it, the government and the banks don’t like something they can’t control.