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marijuana seed growing upside down

Marijuana seed growing upside down

What should I do? Any suggestions much appreciated.

First time poster. Thanks to all of posters for spreading the knowledge on how to grow the good herb!!

I ordered seeds from Attitude seed bank and got them within a frickin week!! Plus freebies. All 100% sprouted using the traditional soaking and paper towel method (from House of Seeds)

So far so good but got this whacked one sending it’s tail strait up in the air (see pics). Then found this that said I did it all wrong.

I guess I got lucky cause some are still did what they were supposed to. Seeds are damn expensive.

Should I dig it up carefully around slightly around seed hear and throw that tail in some dirt. Or leave it be?

Marijuana seed growing upside down

More commonly, growers use the paper towel method. Dampen a paper towel, ensuring it isn’t soaking wet. Place this on a kitchen plate and put the seeds on top, then put another plate upside-down on top. A moist, dark, warm environment allows the seeds to sprout. Check on the seeds once a day; after germinating, you should see a white taproot emerge.

Unfortunately, you might still get some bad seeds sometimes. Plants are living beings and can be a bit unpredictable – even the seller might not be aware that some of their seeds are duds. With any luck, the majority of seeds you buy will be healthy and good to go.

Add your seeds to the water, and then wait for 1-2 hours. Those that float on the surface are bad seeds that are unlikely to grow, whereas the seeds that sink are probably healthy.

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Method #4: The Germination Test

You may not realize it, but the quality of your cannabis crop is, in part, determined before you have even begun. Seed quality is an enormous part of growing, so it’s vital to source marijuana seeds from a reputable company.

Cannabis seeds are surprisingly beautiful. They have a mottled brown appearance with patches of light and dark, and sometimes gorgeous tiger stripes. The seeds are also quite shiny if you view them close enough.

Strong seeds, however, have a better chance of germinating and growing into a healthy plant.

How to Buy Good Cannabis Seeds Every Time

The complete guide…

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