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marijuana growing tips and tricks indoor

Marijuana growing tips and tricks indoor

HLG 300 – 270W draw, 9.34 oz yield
Note: These plants grew in too-cold temperatures (HLG models performs best at around 80°F/27°C) and were low-yielding strains, yet still produced better yields and bud quality than the equivalent ViparSpectra LEDs which had much more ideal conditions

2.) Force Extra Bud Sites

Electric Sky Buds

4.) Know the Best Time to Flip to 12/12

One company that used to offer some of the best low-budget LED options was ViparSpectra. ViparSpectra LED grow lights are cheap and produce good growth, yields, and buds when used properly. ViparSpectra also updates their models regularly to include popular new features, higher quality components, and improved spectrum. Yet they aren’t testing their grow lights on cannabis plants. As a result, their technology is falling behind other companies that are testing and developing the lights with actual cannabis growers.

Marijuana growing tips and tricks indoor

If you’re using a hydroponic growing system, you’ll need liquid nutrients and growers often turn to synthetic formulations. Liquid nutrient systems can be fairly simple, with one catch-all formulation for vegetative growth and another for flowering. Or they can be quite complex, breaking down individual components so growers can concoct their own magic potions for specific cannabis strains, environments, and stages of growth. Add synthetic liquid fertilizers and nutrient solutions to water for use on plants growing in soil.

Just like you, plants like to be comfortable. What does comfortable mean for a cannabis plant? Generally speaking, the environment inside your house will be comfortable enough, though there are a few things to keep in mind.

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You’ll need to take special care of your germinated seed, since this is a sensitive time in the plant’s development when it’s particularly vulnerable to pests, infection, and drastic changes to its environment.

Humidity needs vary throughout the plant’s life. Seedlings and baby plants tend to need humidity levels of about 70%. Plants in the vegetative state can tolerate humidity in the 40% to 70% range, though experts agree that around 55% is a good happy medium. During the flowering stage, it’s important to have a lower humidity of about 40%.


Watering is something that many new plant parents struggle with. Are you giving too much? Too little? Should it be reverse osmosis or filtered? For new cannabis growers, it’s best to start off simple.