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marijuana growing methods

Marijuana growing methods

And there you go, 10 Advanced Growing Techniques you can use to maximize your yields. Good luck growing, we’re rooting for you over here at Grobo!

Check out THIS video to watch me top a plant in Grobo ! (Skip to 4:30)

This technique has the name Monster Cropping because it results in so many flowers, so it has almost a monster result. Monster Cropping is where you take clones of a plant during the flowering phase, replant them, and revert them back to the vegetative growth stage. This allows you to save on seeds, have have continous harvests.

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10. Main Lining

Maybe you’ve never grown before, or maybe you’re ready to take your cultivation game to the next level, whatever the challenge, Grobo is here for you. One of our passions at Grobo is sharing our growing knowledge with you so you can become a more confident and successful grower.

This is a great way to increase your yields if you have a species of plant that can tolerate the stress. Folks call this method “high-stress training”. You need to be careful to use this technique on a plant that can withstand the stress and then super cropping can grow a cannabis plant that is bushier with more buds.

In order to switch the plant back to vegetative growth, you simply need to give the plants more light than you would in the flowering stage.

2. Fimming (F***, I Missed)

Main Lining is a way to make your cannabis plant grow a certain way using one or more of the techniques we’ve listed above. The goal of Main Lining is to make sure every branch has a direct connection to the main stem. On a regular plant the main stem has large branches coming off it with smaller and smaller branches coming off of those. This leads to the large branches receiving more nutrients that the little ones growing off them. Main Lining ensures that every branch is getting the maximum amount of nutrients and every branch gets the same amount.

This is more of a training technique for young cannabis plants , which encourages bushy growth, increases extra flowering and lateral branching. This technique popped through people’s mistakes while trying to do the Topping technique.

Marijuana growing methods

But as legal medical — and increasingly, recreational — cannabis becomes more widespread, the cannabis industry is becoming more professional. By adopting the methods and rigour of plant science and analytical chemistry, it is ensuring that it can produce safe, consistent and high-quality products for a fast-growing and lucrative market.

Testing, testing

But other issues are unique to cannabis production. And achieving the most efficient production requires growers to do research under controlled conditions to understand how both plant genetics and growing conditions can affect the product.

Many of the challenges of large-scale cannabis production can be solved by drawing on the experience of the commercial greenhouse industry, says Zheng. Growing crops commercially requires a homogenous soil and consistent irrigation. Small variations can mean that parts of the crop dry out at different rates, which leads to the spread of pathogenic agents and root rot, and to an inconsistent product. But the tomato industry, for example, has experience of growing tens to hundreds of hectares of produce at a time, and that expertise can be transferred easily to cannabis growers, says Zheng.