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marijuana growing course

Marijuana growing course

Graded assessments may include both peer and instructor assessments. Self-assessment tests will also be provided to aid student learning.

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If you don’t have previous training or experience in these areas, you can still enroll in the course, as long as you feel you can complete the requirements. This may require additional background reading etc. on your part. The instructors may be willing to recommend videos, readings etc. to help you; however, there will be no time devoted to this in the course.

Excited about education once more, along with the forthcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada, Alex enrolled in the BSc. (Agr.) program at the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture with a major in Plant Science. He completed his BSc and his BBA in 2018 and has been working in the cannabis industry since. He has experience as a Lead Integrated Pest Management/Lead Cultivator at an indoor cannabis facility in Halifax, NS, a Research and Development Technician with Cronos Group out of their Peace Naturals facility in Ontario, as well as being the first Master Grower for Sana’a MJ in Miramichi, NB. He has played an integral role in developing and instructing the Cannabis Production and Management course.

Course expectations

Currently, she is a leader at a new cannabis facility called Safari Flower, located in the Niagara Region of Ontario, where she leads teams in all aspects of cannabis production and maintains the mother and propagation plants. Elizabeth feels that cannabis is a very unique plant species with great potential. She has a passion for the cannabis industry and is excited to share knowledge with like-minded, passionate individuals. Her goal is to increase the health and happiness of people. Elizabeth is soon to be a mother and is excited for this next chapter in her life.

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The course will be highly interactive, and require intense, active participation from the student in all modules. The following are examples of activities that will be used to help students meet the learning outcomes:

Cannabis Production and Management will not provide job-specific information for entry-level or labour jobs (e.g. bud trimmers); specialized positions such as Quality Assurance technicians or Master Grower positions however, if you already have training or are working in these areas, you will gain additional knowledge and skills to help advance your career.

What will I learn?

Cannabis Production and Management is an Adult Learning course with open admission criteria. It is recommended for participants with:

Eligible participants may qualify for funding through the Canada Job Grant Program. Please contact your provincial partner for more information.

Marijuana growing course

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Additional Requirements

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Virginia L. Gray Memorial Bursary Donation – SR0006

After working in the cannabis industry for five years and networking with cannabis research pioneers, Brandon has accumulated a wealth of knowledge surrounding cannabis production in North America. He now hopes to pass along this knowledge to others so that cannabis is cultivated based on scientific evidence and with sustainability in mind.

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