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marijuana growing course online

Marijuana growing course online

You will be assessed using a variety of methods, which may include:

Online learning has been used successfully for delivering high-quality learning experiences in a variety of subject areas and for a variety of audiences around the world. However, there are some skillsets and learner characteristics that are necessary for a successful online learning experience.

Module 1: Cannabis Industry Overview
Module 2: Regulations & GPP
Module 3: Indoor Production Facilities
Module 4: Crop Botany
Module 5: Propagation
Module 6: Plant & Canopy Management
Module 7: Media & Nutrient Management
Module 8: Environmental Control
Module 9: Integrated Pest Management
Module 10: Harvest Management

Cannabis Production and Management will not provide job-specific information for entry-level or labour jobs (e.g. bud trimmers); specialized positions such as Quality Assurance technicians or Master Grower positions however, if you already have training or are working in these areas, you will gain additional knowledge and skills to help advance your career.

Course expectations

The course facilitators will monitor discussions, provide feedback on assignments, activities etc., answer questions, and provide additional information/references. They will not “instruct” the course as in a traditional classroom set-up. For this reason, you will need the self-discipline to complete the required assignments, participate in discussions and activities, and incorporate the feedback into your learning.

Graded assessments may include both peer and instructor assessments. Self-assessment tests will also be provided to aid student learning.

The course is delivered 100% online, in a series of ten modules:

How will I be assessed?

Currently, she is a leader at a new cannabis facility called Safari Flower, located in the Niagara Region of Ontario, where she leads teams in all aspects of cannabis production and maintains the mother and propagation plants. Elizabeth feels that cannabis is a very unique plant species with great potential. She has a passion for the cannabis industry and is excited to share knowledge with like-minded, passionate individuals. Her goal is to increase the health and happiness of people. Elizabeth is soon to be a mother and is excited for this next chapter in her life.

The course will be highly interactive, and require intense, active participation from the student in all modules. The following are examples of activities that will be used to help students meet the learning outcomes:

Marijuana growing course online

This certificate was developed to address a growing demand by people interested in entering Cannabis industry, either as growers, or as medical cannabis providers, or as individuals involved with business and/or legal aspects of the industry. The following courses are designed to be entirely online and self-paced, and to provide an introduction to one of the most rapidly growing industries.

ALL Cannabis Studies Certificate courses are online and self-paced. Every effort will be made to send login information within 7 days of your registration however it may take longer. Once you receive this information, you may begin the program.

You can now customize your certificate by selecting 6 of the 9 courses offered. This allows you to build a certificate program that is compatible your needs. If you are in the Accelerator Program you will select 5 courses and the Accelerator Program during registraiton. All courses are available on an individual basis.


Topics Covered :
History of Cannabis
Race and Cannabis
Criminal Justice Reform
Economic Opportunity
Environmental Policies for Different States