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marijuana growing classes massachusetts

Marijuana growing classes massachusetts

Students in Massachusetts can enroll in CTU to learn the skills needed to succeed in a cannabis career. CTU’s wide range of courses cover every major aspect of the industry and give students the opportunity to learn about different career paths in the industry.

Cannabis jobs in Massachusetts are on the rise. CTU provides quality career assistance so students can land one of a wide range of popular cannabis career options, including:

Learn skills that you can apply beyond a cannabis career!

Comprehensive Cannabis Career Training

Cannabis Training University’s master training program can be completed in as little as two weeks for those with many hours of free time each day, although the program comes with a full year (12 months) of access time included for the one-time low payment.

The cannabis videos are professionally shot and feature the top cannabis growers, budtenders, extraction technicians, chefs, doctors, and lawyers. CTU does not sell cheap, boring slideshows like the other cannabis colleges are offering.

Cannabis Courses

Certification from Cannabis Training University is a great skill to add to your resume and cover letter. While there is no standardized training program for the industry, CTU has earned the reputation of providing high-quality and exhaustive cannabis curriculum.

In November 2016, Massachusetts voters passed a ballot initiative legalizing adult-use cannabis. Ever since the state’s legal market launched in late 2018, it has seen significant industry growth.

At least five schools in Massachusetts offer or are rolling out classes or certificate programs for students who want to work in the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

Massachusetts colleges are experimenting with marijuana.

Clark University in Worcester started a graduate certificate in regulatory affairs for cannabis control; Mount Wachusett Community College, also in central Massachusetts, now offers an online career-training program; Holyoke Community College has created a Cannabis Education Center; and Boston University is offering an undergraduate course in the spring for students to research and recommend policy that would make the adult-use marijuana business in the state more socio-economically equitable.

Others said the “sticker shock” of retail marijuana has prompted interest in home growing.

“Curing is when it gets tricky,” said Mr. Huard, founder and CEO of Hole In The Wall Cultivation in Warren, who cited 20 years of experience growing “from a hole in the wall” in his home. “It’s when you can really screw up your months of hard work.”

And in craft cannabis, there is a community ready to support your efforts.

“I grow because I like to know exactly what it is I’m smoking whenever possible,” said Mr. Bernard. “And I get some satisfaction out of it . part of my zen when I get up in the morning is to roll a joint, sit in front of the lights, listen to the radio for half an hour and sort of chill while I trim them.”

And those home growers are passionate and dedicated. After all, home growing is more complicated than just dedicating a space for marijuana in your garden or your brightest window. In fact, state law requires that the plants be grown in a locked area, and plants cannot be visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other optical aids.