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marijuana grow tent diy

Marijuana grow tent diy

That’s where a grow tent comes into play. Technically, you don’t need a grow tent to start an indoor plot, but unless you have access to a commercial grow warehouse, odds are your basement, garage, or closet is not a perfect set up for cultivation. Indoor growing is all about creating a micro-environment for your plants. By constructing an enclosed space, you can maximize light coverage, keep out pests and debri, filter air, and moderate temperature and humidity.

Traditionally, the structural bones of a grow tent were made out of PVC pipe or wood. For the construction novice though, using a ready-made wire rack for your grow tent frame is by far the easiest option. The removable, adjustable shelving units will allow you to easily hang lights, fans, and hold your plants without building a micro-ballast or custom shelves. A standard 36” x 12” x 54” shelving unit is perfect for housing 1-2 plants, while a wider 36” x 24” x 54” rack could potentially fit 3-4 small pots.

Why build a grow tent?

To recap, here’s a checklist of everything you’ll need for your DIY grow tent:

Image lightbox

If you’re going to grow weed inside, you’ll need some light. After all, the whole design of indoor cultivation is meant to replicate and improve on the benefits of natural sunlight. And while outdoor plants are beloved for, well, growing like weeds, the main benefit of an indoor grow is the ability to control every single aspect of the plant’s environment.

Marijuana grow tent diy

As you see in the image above, you’ll need 8 poles with 1m each for the top and bottom part of the structure, 1m x 3 poles for (E) and (F) and 2m x 8 poles for (C) and (B). If you want to make it easier to handle and assemble, you can cut the 2m poles into 1m x 8 poles and connect them with PVC fittings.

As you may know, light is vital for growing any kind of plants, including cannabis. Depending on the kind of light fixture you’re planning to use, you’ll need to make some adjustments so you can adjust the height of your light.

Grow “box”

A grow room extractor fan usually goes on the top part of the grow space and is connected by a tube to the carbon filter.

So read along on how to build an indoor cannabis grow room!

Carbon filter

A good ventilation system along a decent-sized fan will also help your plant’s stem develop tougher, helping them support the heavy buds in the flowering stage.