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marijuana grow house tour

Marijuana grow house tour

Most pot tours always include a stop at a premier Denver pot shop. Tours visit the whole spectrum of dispensaries, from local “mom and pop” shops and artisanal boutiques to the largest of corporate chains.

You’re bound to have some truly unique moments on a 420 cannabis tour.

However, the rotation often gets jumbled once multiple pre-rolled or hand-rolled joints are in circulation. It’s not uncommon to find yourself at the crossroads of the hot box, with offerings being passed to you from both sides. Take both. Smoke both. At the same time if you want. Or just pass. Do you.

Colorado Factory Tours

Before each dispensary stop, the tour guides will hand out a special menu of discounted packages for guests only. These bundled deals are designed to encourage you to try something new. You’re likely to find an edibles pack, a flower (bud) pack, and a vaporizer pack to get you started on vaping cartridges of oil.

A pot club is not a common thing for Denver despite its legal status. Two years…

Cannabis has come a long way since its underground days in years past, in terms of everything from THC strength to intake varieties. Marijuana strains are stronger than ever, and concentrates are among the most popular forms of enjoying the plant today. Learn firsthand the different extraction methods and concentrate types on Colorado’s marijuana tours.

10. You’ll get adopted into the 420 Family

Speaking of place, where exactly are we? Is this bus still in Denver? What time is it? As the THC kicks in, your sense of orientation may get a little hazy. Let it. You’re on vacation, you’re in Denver, and you’re getting the full Mile High experience.

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While most long-time residents were already pot-friendly, with over a decade as a medical marijuana state (since November 2000), outsiders took notice. People moved to CO in record numbers. Some looked to join in the growing industry, while others just heard about how great Colorado is from all the additional media attention.

Marijuana grow house tour

Cannabis Spirit Guide

You must be 21 years of age to attend our experiences. Please make sure to bring your non-expired ID, or State issued License. Temporary IDs cannot be used to validate entry into dispensaries and/or grow facilities. Also, vertical ID’s will not be accepted for entry into dispensaries and/or grow facilities. Non-US Citizens must present a valid passport to enter cannabis businesses. These are the rules of the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Then, receive exclusive discounts and VIP access at two premier dispensaries with expert budtenders to assist you during your shopping experience. Remember, they are cannabis connoisseurs and they are happy to suggest certain strains or edibles depending on your desired effect! If you need a new pipe during your visit in Colorado, then you’ll be psyched to know this tour also includes a visit to Denver’s largest handmade glass gallery, Illuzions.

Meet Your Guides

If you think you have seen it all when it comes to cannabis, think again. Hop on luxury 420 friendly transportation, light up a joint, blunt or whatever you please. Your party bus will be equipped with smoking devices, bottled water, and snacks. Before you know it, you will arrive at one of Denver’s most productive cultivation facilities.

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My 420 Tours’ Office – Tour Departs At 11 AM
Cluster Studios
3881 Steele St.
Denver, CO 80205

VIP Grow and Dispensary Tour Details

If you have ever dreamed of walking through a cannabis grow house and meeting the plants themselves, where the walls are covered with illuminated green, then this is your dream come true. Explore a vertical grow house with expert growers.

Cannabis Cooking Class
3215 Zuni St, Denver, CO 80211

Marijuana grow house tour

Tour and have your questions answered by master grower

Bus Tour

No Glass between you and the flowers.

3 hour weed bus tour

Discounts at Shops