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marijuana grow box design

Marijuana grow box design

One of the 1x2m plywood sheets will need to be cut in half (for the door). You’ll also need 4 door hinges so you can open and close your grow box properly.

When building your own cannabis indoor grow room, make sure you’re taking the appropriate measure so it’s solid, steady, and can support the growing equipment and you’ll have a fully functional grow room while spending way less than buying one at a grow shop.

Identifying the circuit

The result of your DIY grow tent or grow box should be something similar to this:

Another great benefit is that it prevents mold and bugs because most pests thrive in hot and humid environments so by keeping the humidity and temperature on point, it’s most likely that bugs won’t be attacking your plants.

7. Light fixture

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Marijuana grow box design

Clean and Check the environment

The first step you should for light is to make sure there is a proper distance between the lights and the plants; This will make them get the appropriate proportion of light and prevent the plants from burning out. Make sure you check your lights, timers, and powers, ensure they are working correctly. Lastly, clean the bulbs, lamp holders and ensure they are shining bright.

You should consistently change the water and nutrients every two weeks. Also, you have to monitor the H2O levels in the reservoir. Since H2O evaporates, you have to maintain a consistent mix by adding only H2O and not the nutrients.

You could consider using an attic, closet, or a similar space. A loft is an excellent option because you can easily control temperature all year round due to its extraordinarily insulated and stealthy qualities. However, if you want to reap more harvesting rewards it’s best you dedicate a spare room for growing. Also, you mustn’t use any detached unit segment of your house like the garage or shed are highly risky areas to grow cannabis.

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Indoor Soil Grow Kits

Before you select a grow room area its important the location you plan on choosing has the following qualities:

Step 3 – Put your plants in separate pots then place them by the side by in the box. You might have to get clones to germinate in different compartments inside the box. However, if you have a big grow box, you’ll not need to have clones in your box. Your plants will go through their entire life cycle in the box.

Step 1 – In this step, you will have to get the box, light, and air vent you want to use , then adjust the brightness to a suitable level, make a large hole unit to create airflow. Then place a fan in one of the holes to extract hot air in the grow box. Then customize your fan speed higher than your air removal fan.

Step by Step Grow Box Instruction

Other materials in the kit include

Usually, your grow area will fit 1 – 5 plants at a time. You are free to use an old refrigerator, a closet, hot press, a box, or a cabinet.