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maple leaf indica seeds

Maple leaf indica seeds

45-60 days Clear High Pure Indica 400gr – 500gr p.s.m. Regular

A relatively new release as a seed, this fat, sticky hash-makers’ plant has long been prized for its sparkling coating of resin glands and syrupy sweet citrus bouquet. Maple Leaf Indica is bred from precious, vintage Afghanica gene-stock – parent plants that have formed part of several important Sensi Seeds hybrids and which represent one of the surviving strains behind original Mazar-i-Sharif hashish.

The direct forebears of Maple Leaf Indica were brought out of Afghanistan just before the Soviet invasion and older smokers lucky enough to have visited the region in its peaceful era may find this variety to be a taste – and a blast – from the past.

Did you know that Maple Leaf marijuana seeds pose as a natural aphrodesiac? In small doses, this pure indica can spark bedroom arousal and creativity. In larger doses, however, users may feel too lazy and relaxed to do anything but sleep. It also heightens euphoria and happiness.


There are two types of indica in the marijuana world — those that get you ready for sleep, and those that prepare you for “other” bedroom activities. Yes, you heard it here first, Maple Leaf marijuana seeds pose as an all-natural aphrodisiac. This 100% indica has some sativa-like qualities. At first, users notice a rush of euphoria and happiness to the brain that creates a positive and creative mood.

Granted, this highly depends on how much you consume at once. Smaller quantities can get users “in the mood” for a romantic night with their partner. Larger doses, however, may trigger extreme laziness and relaxation. You’d honestly be too tired to do anything but sleep. If the plan is to have sex, smoke Maple Leaf at a slow and steady pace (and know when to quit!) If the plan is to alleviate insomnia and other sleep-related issues, feel free to smoke as much as you’d like.