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mandarin zkittlez seeds

Mandarin zkittlez seeds

The mother is the California Black Rose original clone from Dying Breed Seeds, a variety of great potency, production and incredible flavour. The father, Mandarin Sunset, is one of the Ethos Genetics varieties with a more powerful terpenic profile. The result is a hybrid that will delight lovers of powerful and fruity flavours.

Ethos Genetics Mandarin Zkittlez is a feminised cannabis plant, a Sativa Indica hybrid between Mandarin Sunset and California Black Rose, two cannabis contest winners with a great reputation and recognition. Two varieties characterised by an incredible terpenic profile.

Mandarin Zkittlez genetic line

Mandarin Zkittlez high quality flowering produces medium-sized compact buds totally covered with trichomes. It has a short flowering period, with just 8 to 9 weeks we can obtain a maximum flower quality. The dark purple, black and red leaves together with the glossy resin and its orange stigmas enhance the buds providing a very appetizing appearance at sight.

Mandarin Zkittlez, an easy to cultivate plant

Mandarin Zkittlez development is very easy to manage both indoors and outdoors. It adapts very easily to all cultivation methods, recommending organic fertilization in soil substrate in order to obtain the best terpenic quality. The plant develops branches in the lower and middle part, which is optimal for SCROG cultivation. The main tip protrudes over the secondary branches, thus SOG technique can be also used.

Mandarin zkittlez seeds

The buds are completely coated in resin containing a high THC level of 20%. It delivers a powerful psychedelic effect, cheerful with a relaxing background. It is ideal for fans of tasty Indica varieties that offer a body relaxation but with an active mental storm.

Its aromas and flavours are highly loaded with terpenes, offering a mixture of tropical flavours in a grape and grapefruit background accompanied with spicy hash notes and orange touches.

It has a vigorous development, a well-branched plant with a main tip standing out over the secondary branches. This variety adapts well to all cultivation systems and to the different substrates used in cannabis gardening. It can be easily controlled by applying apical pruning to restrain vertical growth and increase lateral branching. In this way we can widen the plant and obtain a good bud production with just a few plants.

Mandarin Zkittlez Regular, a tasty and powerful Indica

Mandarin Zkittlez matures in just about 8 weeks of flowering, offering a quite high yield. It produces buds of great visual appeal thanks to the high resin concentration and the dark, purple and reddish colours of the leaves. It should be noted its excellent calyx ratio leaf, which facilitates the manicure and other tasks after harvest.

Ethos Genetics Mandarin Zkittlez is a cannabis hybrid cross between two genetic lines that offer an explosion of flavours, Mandarin Sunset and California Black Rose. The variety resulting from this amazing combination produces a tsunami of large waves of terpenes with fruity aromas and flavours that impregnate our taste buds as a tropical flavours sweetie.

Mandarin Zkittlez Regular, a flavour out of the ordinary

Mandarin Zkittlez Regular offers extraordinary terpenic quality extractions as well as powerful. It is ideal for lovers of Rosin, Water Hash, Dry Sift, BHO, etc or simply lovers of good cannabis.