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mac and jack seeds

Mac and jack seeds

It produces an intense and nuanced aroma that combines lemon notes on an incense background with pine and sandalwood hints. Aromas and flavours that permeate the taste buds with every puff and linger in the room for a long while after smoking or vaporising it.

The flowers are completely covered in trichomes with huge heads. This is an ideal variety for high yielding resin extractions.

A high performance Indica Sativa hybrid, developed from the cross between MAC 1 (Miracle Alien Cookies 1 = Alien Cookies F2 x [Colombian x Starfighter]) and the legendary Jack Herer.

The result is an extremely vigorous fast growing plant that can grow out of control if not managed carefully. It is advisable to apply pruning such as apical pruning or optimisation techniques like supercropping or LST.

Mac N’ Jack R1, Mac 1 x 1994 Jack Herer hybrid is pleased to present Mac N’ Jack R1 by Ethos Genetics, an extremely productive and resinous variety with a THC level of 25-30%.

This variety requires about 9-11 weeks of flowering for the buds to complete maturation, acquiring a rocky appearance. It offers a very high yield of up to 600g per m2 in an indoor grow tent, and a yield of up to 800g per plant outdoors.

Cultivated indoors it can pass to flowering after only 15 days of growth, resulting in lush and ramified plants. It develops thick colas of buds in all directions. Outdoors it also provides great results as long as it receives a good sunlight supply.

Mac N’ Jack R1, extremely resinous and psychoactive

Mac N’ Jack R1 delivers a powerful effect, relaxing body and mind while stimulating creativity and sending us to another galaxy.

• Morphology: Insanely vigorous and can get out of control if not properly grown. She stacks fairly well for such a fast growing plant. I recommend sending her in to flower earlier than a typical plant. She’ll fill in nicely the first month of flower with strong vertical and lateral branching. Great plant for an intermediate or highly experienced grower. She does great outdoors, as well but needs the full season.

• Terpene Profile: She’s got a sharp landrace lemon upfront with an incense, Pine and Sandalwood finish.

Cultivar description from vendor of breeder:
5 feminized seeds
From the latest Ethos Multipass drop
(Mac1 x 1994 Jack Herer)
Description and information from a vendor regarding Mac N Jack
• Flowering time: 9-11 weeks

• Yield: She’s a monster!

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• Total Cannabinoids: 25-30%

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