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lst weed grow

Lst weed grow

Whenever you notice some stems are getting taller than others, bend them over and secure them down. This ensures a nice even canopy!

As you spend time training and observing your plants, you’ll begin to get a much better understanding of exactly what you're working with. I highly recommend viewing some cannabis time-lapse videos to get a better idea of how the cannabis plant grows.

How to LST Your Cannabis Plants

Soft wire ties (optional) – only get these if you're going to grow very large plants; they're overkill for small plants

What else can be used to secure plants? I've seen growers use pipe cleaners, coated wire, and more. You can use almost anything that isn't sharp or thin like string (string can cut into the "skin" of the plant after a while).

Lst weed grow

The growth of your plants depends on auxin, a hormone. Your cannabis plants’ auxin is mainly focused at the top of the plant. As a result, most of the growth concentrates on the central stalk. When you utilize LST, however, you eliminate this focal point and provide a base for a level canopy and multiple colas. The consequence of this is more bud per plant!

Pros & Cons of LST

Now, let’s provide you with a step-by-step guide to LST.

2 – Choose Your Stem & Start Bending

It is also possible to use LST on autoflowering plants. They have a short growing period and minimal time to recover from HST techniques such as defoliation and topping. However, if you get started during the short vegetative stage window, you can still benefit.