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lost soul seeds

Lost soul seeds

Lost Soul is a heavy yielding indica dominant OG variety obtained by crossing the original Ghost OG cut with Grandpa’s Breath. These cannabis seeds are big on flavour, yield and colour.

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Lost Soul Lineage / Genealogy

Lost Soul is a mostly indica variety from DVG and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days ) and outdoors . DVGs Lost Soul is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

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This is the only disease of my mind, wrong desires, lost is the future and the symbol of that is the Altar of god!

Seeds of chaos are falling freely in this world, them lie to sow the underground, them falling freely in this world , to bring madness.
That is the only disease, in my innerself, wrong desires, lost is the future and the symbol of that is the shrine of god!
Wrong is the concept,- humans are sinners -, the end is the beginning, as humanity is now contaminated by my seed.
I stared at the eyes of this world and i found weakness, from the ground now made my children,
Daemons approaching fast, this sermon will be my last, those seeds will outlive my existance.

Lost in the past, unleashed for the Sinners, mankind is ready to reveal this big misdeed.
everlasting, edonistic, nihilistic chaos, thousands of mistresses, we shall begin a dance in that mystical aeon, for 'tis not another war, not another fear, nor lies or empty words , but only a sowing.

Let the children cum to me.

Lost soul seeds

Soul seeds are found within Chaos infusions and are said to come from the souls of dead humans and be the eggs from which Chaos monsters are born. Anywhere from zero to four soul seeds may spawn within a Chaos infusion. The spawning of seeds is time-related, meaning the player must wait one in-game hour after collecting some for more to spawn; using Chronostasis will lengthen the respawning.

Soul seeds ( ソウルシード , Souru Shīdo ? ) are items which spawn monsters and are made up of the souls of the dead in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. They appear as shining purple lights on the ground within Chaos infusions, and remain for a time after the infusion has dissipated.

Once a blacksmith forged a weapon with a soul seed that turned on its creator and killed him. The weapon vanished, and is known as the Ultima Weapon.

Mal’s Tale [ ]

The name and location of the merchants are:

Lightning meets Baird in Luxerion.


Since Chaos infusions appear randomly across Nova Chrysalia, the fastest place to farm soul seeds is during the “Death Game” quest in Yusnaan, which engulfs an area of the city in a permanent Chaos infusion until that quest is completed. If the player purposefully forgoes completing the quest until late in the game, they can keep going to the quest area to battle Chaos monsters and find soul seeds. Another good place with plenty of Chaos infusions is the Major Routes, but they are dangerous due to the toughest monsters of Nova Chrysalia residing on them. The Highroads are unlocked after Day 9 when the corresponding Canvas of Prayers quests become available.

In the Ultimate Lair, Lightning and Hope discuss rumors on the Order buying the soul seeds so Bhunivelze can use them to create increasingly powerful monsters and pit them against one another to create a powerful super-species to replace mankind with.