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lollipop that grows weed

Lollipop that grows weed

You’ll see a ton of different advice on when to lollipop your cannabis plants. Part of that is due to people mistaking lollipopping and pruning. The two go hand in hand.

Lollipopping cannabis plants refers to the removal of growth on the lower portion of the plants, in order to free up more resources on the upper portion. With bare stems on the bottom and thick growth on top, the plants end up resembling a lollipop.

Without the thick lower foliage, air circulates more easily, drying out the moisture and preventing the growth of mold. This is especially important in humid climates.

Do You Recommend Lollipopping Cannabis Plants?

This also prevents these leaves turning yellow during flowering and falling off. That’s not a problem, but trimming the leaves off before that happens saves resources..

Sea of green (SOG) grows cram a lot of smaller plants into the grow space to create a flat and thick canopy. Because little light penetrates this canopy, it is beneficial to get rid of any growth on the lower portions of the plants.

As mentioned, do the initial lollipopping during vegging. Later, once the plant has entered flowering, you simply do some light follow-up pruning, to ensure the bottom portion stays bare. The most important thing during this stage is to remove any bud growth, to avoid those turning into popcorn buds.

Benefits Of Lollipopping

Because the lower parts don’t get as much light, buds in that area will never grow to their full potential anyway. Removing them keeps the plant from using resources on them. This means it can use those resources to make buds on the main kola sites even larger.

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It also allows air to flow through the lower reaches of the plants more easily. This improved air circulation ensures humidity does not build up, preventing rust fungus or other types of mold like powdery mildew from forming.

Lollipop that grows weed

Lollipopping is an important part of scrOG and can be combined with other methods.

If you’re growing weed indoors, prepare your scissors once you enable the 12/12 light schedule. When growing cannabis outdoors, wait until mid-July, when cannabis plants typically begin to flower.

Remember, the flowers of the cannabis plants are lragest at the top.

How to Lollipop Marijuana Plants in Three Easy Steps

Unlike other cannabis training techniques, it’s best to lollipop weed plants at the beginning of the flowering cycle because you want to focus the plant’s energy on the uppermost growth.

Ready to learn how to lollipop weed plants in a few easy steps? Read this guide from top to bottom and learn how lollipopping marijuana plants is an essential technique to increasing your yield.

Step One: When To Start Lollipopping

From increased airflow to optimized energy use, cannabis plants greatly benefit from the lollipop technique. Whether you grow feminized or autoflowering seeds, your cannabis crop can harness the power that lollipopping has to offer.

Therefore, the first two weeks, also known as the pre-flowering stage, is the window of opportunity to lollipop the lowest growth.