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license to grow medical weed canada

License to grow medical weed canada

As part of its public consultation, Health Canada said it was inviting Canadians to share their views on the factors that should be considered in "refusal or revocation of a registration on public health and public safety ground."

Canada on Monday launched a public consultation seeking to tighten rules for individuals who are allowed to grow their own medical cannabis, in an effort to clamp down on pot seeping into black markets.

The draft guidance for the first time sets out factors that the regulator may consider in refusing or revoking a registration for "personal production." Factors include authorization of unjustified amounts and "criminal activity and/or diversion of cannabis."

In a draft guidance issued for the consultation, Health Canada highlighted recent police raids and arrests at production sites where people were using licenses to "cover and support large-scale illegal production and sale."

Even though personal cultivators remain a small fraction of overall patient registrations, these people are allowed to grow as much as 36 grams per day on average, compared with just two grams authorized for daily purchase from retailers.

The consultation will run for 60 days through May 7, the regulator said.

"Abuse of the medical purposes framework undermines the integrity of the system that many patients and health care practitioners rely on to access cannabis to address their medical needs," Health Canada said in the draft document.

Reuters first reported the news earlier on Monday.

The number of patients registered for purchase from federally licensed retailers was 377,024 in September last year, a 24% increase from June. Meanwhile, registrations for personal cultivation grew 29% over the period to 43,211.

Guidelines for registering to produce a limited amount of cannabis for yourself.

Recommended safety and security measures for production, storage and disposal.

Registering to produce cannabis for your medical purposes

Information on getting an interim supply of cannabis and starting materials once you have registered.

Safety and security

How much cannabis you can grow and store based on the regulations and your medical document.

User accounts are required for a number of individuals associated with an application. These individuals must create their own individual accounts in the CTLS before an application can be submitted to Health Canada.

Learn about the classes and subclasses of licences to determine which class your activities of interest fall under.

Applications can only be submitted when you have included all of the requirements in the application in the CTLS. Once submitted, applications undergo an initial screening for completeness and clarity.

6. Create a corporate profile for organizations

Applicants and licence holders are responsible for complying with the Cannabis Act and its Regulations as well as with other federal, provincial and territorial legislation, municipal by-laws and indigenous government legislation that apply.

There are specific actions you should take when applying to Health Canada:

3. Develop your site (certain licence types only)

Once your application has successfully passed the initial screening, Health Canada will conduct an in-depth review of your application as well as extensive security checks on all the people who require security clearances. Health Canada may contact you for more information in some areas of your application.

We encourage prospective applicants to read both the Cannabis Licensing Application Guide and the CTLS Getting Started Guide all the way through before creating an account.