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lemon zest seeds

Lemon zest seeds

While you may use any variety of citrus rinds for use as a starter pot, from a user-friendly standpoint, the bigger the better. That said, you can use any of the following for best results:

Citrus Rinds as a Starter Pot

Growing seeds in citrus peels is about as eco-friendly as you can get. You start with a natural product, grow a beneficial plant in it and then repurpose it in the earth to act as a nutritious composting agent. It’s a win/win.

Tips for Growing Seeds in Citrus Peels

There are many other ways to use the citrus fruit rinds pertaining to the garden. Add the peels directly to the compost pile or add them to the garbage to mitigate the stench. Orange oil has a natural anti-bacterial property that some folks say slows down decomposition, but we throw them into the compost and have never noticed any such affect.

Lemon zest seeds

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72 marigold plug plants (T47409)
36 marigold plug plants (T47408)

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Plant Size Height Up to 23cm (9.1in)
Spread Up to 23cm (9.1in)

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I tried three lemon poppy recipes to find the right balance of lightness. I didnt want a heavy Heavy cake but also wanted it to work well with my new Jubilee bunt pan. This was the best out of all of them! Will be making again. Only comment the glaze isnt nearly enough, I doubled that.

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I made this as a dairy free version, using a vanilla soy yoghurt. Turned out tasting fantastic, with a very fine, soft, and light texture. Definitely going on the favs list:)


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November 25th, 2018


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