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lemon slush seeds

Lemon slush seeds

To make this Lemon Slush hybrid, the breeder’s cut of Lemon Grove was paired with their champion Purple Jellato stud (Gelato #33 x Purple Vapor), a top-quality male plant that passes on its exotic terpene profile and high resin production to its descendency.

The mother of this is a Dungeons Vault Genetics variety called Lemon Grove, created by crossing the famous clone-only cultivar Lemon Tree with DVG’s Citrus Farmer, a lemon-flavoured classic from this bank.

We are happy to offer you Lemon Slush from Dungeon Vault Genetics, a colourful variety. This cannabis hybrid with a pronounced citric flavour that brings together Lemon Grove and Purple Jellato. Now available in our regular seed catalogue at Alchimiaweb.

Lemon Slush will be ready for harvest after flowering for 8-9 weeks, and possesses an incredibly intense lemon aroma that will fill the room during cultivation. If you liked the flavour of Citrus Farmer strain but prefer plants with a bit more colour in the buds, then Lemon Slush is perfect for you.

Lemon Slush Cannabis Strain – if flavour is a factor, look no further

This weed strain is an easy-to-grow. Due to its easy to manage growth, the plant is also suitable for inexperienced growers who are trying out planting for the first time.

This cannabis takes its time to hit you, and the high creeps up on you gradually. The effect, when it finally peaks, is a feeling of happiness, euphoria, and being energetic. The high itself is especially mellow, which is great for beginners who would likely be overwhelmed if it was too intense.

The Lemon Slush strain also doesn’t leave you feeling sedated and couch-locked, which makes it a great option for any time of the day, especially when you have to get demanding tasks done. The effect of this strain can be summarized as:

As you may expect from the name, the strain gets its heavy citrus notes from a high percentage of Limone terpene. With a THC level of between 15% and 22%, Lemon Slush is suitable for both experienced users and first-timers.

Strain Effects

The Lemon Slush can also be used to manage:

The tangy lemon flavor is further complimented by a fruity and creamy-like flavor that you can identify with every toke. The flavor as a whole can best be described as:

Lemon Slush is a balanced marijuana strain that is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, and that was first grown by Cannarado Seeds. This cultivar smells like a deliciously tangy lemon, which is unsurprising, as it’s a cross between Grape Pie BX and Lemon OG.

Growing Info

The plant typically takes 60 days to mature and flower, realizing and impressive yield. The buds are thick, bright green, with hints of orange/gold underneath and numerous crystal-like trichomes.