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lemon g seeds

Directly from a friends of mine stash, from a place near cleveland this g13 haze profile full of lemony terps knew also as a “sweet lemon juice”. It is a unique and rare genetic and she results from a cubing within very selected g13. Plants are sativa but with solids buds very compacted, fully of lemony crystals. The dry bud taste is a unique experience: like to drink a sweet lemon juice, longlasting lemon sensation. Harvest is big indoor as well outdoor. Outdoor she perform very well being very mold resistent and very vigorous giving a extra quality big harvest. For being mostly sativa she’s very quickly in indoor, ripen in 70 days, as well outdoor where she will be ready starting october, perfect for extraction of live resin, rosin, edibles.

The citrus aroma of Lemon G marijuana seeds travels far and wide. It’s not the most discrete-smelling strain. Unlike other indicas, Lemon G doesn’t make you tired or lazy. It boosts euphoria and positive thinking amongst friends.


If you’re an avid marijuana smoker, you’ve definitely come across at least one Lemon strain in your life. Lemon is one of the most popular marijuana families currently on the market. But just when you think you’ve tried them all, here come Lemon G marijuana seeds to take your breath away and astound you. Lemon G is unlike any indica-dominant strain you’ve smoked before, and here’s why…

Unlike most indica-forward strains, Lemon G doesn’t make you tired, lazy, or promote couchlock. It’s actually better to smoke this strain during the day. A few minutes into the smoke you’ll start to notice a happier headspace filled with euphoria and positive thoughts. Lemon G is a highly social strain that makes you want to laugh and engage with others. Feel free to bring this strain to your next party or happy hour.