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lemon fire seeds

Lemon fire seeds

Cream of the Crop seeds Gorilla Lemon Fire Feminised cannabis seeds are an Indica dominant cannabis strain developed by crossing Gorilla Glue with Zkittlez and Lemon Pie resulting in a strain with the best traits of its parents, high THC and an intense lemon flavour.

Gorilla Lemon Fire Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Cream Of The Crop

Gorilla Lemon Fire is the result of crossing Cream of the Crops favourite phenotype of Sticky Zkittlez Glue with a select Lemon Pie Male known for its high Limonene content.
Gorilla Lemon Fire is a beautiful, hassle free, high yielding and robust cannabis strain that possesses all the best traits of its parents.
The High THC content is always present from the Gorilla Glue #4 used in the initial breeding of Sticky Zkittlez Glue but the added kick of intense Lemon and improved physical structure of this cross makes Gorilla Lemon Fire a real favourite.

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Cream of the Crop – Gorilla Lemon Fire Feminised Cannabis Seeds

With everything to brag about, Team Cream have pulled it out of the bag with Gorilla Lemon Fire. It’s Indica dominance ensures a cerebral effect that can later get you couchlocked, perfect for night time use, and with that high Limonene content pests are kept at bay and it has it’s medicinal properties too.

Crossing Cream of the Crop’s stand out Sticky Zkittlez Glue phenotype with their bulkiest Lemon Pie male was a no brainer for Team Cream.