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lemon drop seeds

Type : Medium

It does have a hint of lemon and citrus, making it ideal for chicken, fish and seafood meals. The Aji Lemon pepper also makes a delicious pepper powder, flakes, salsas, and hot sauces.

Also known as Kellu Uchu in Peru or Aji Lemon Drop, you’ll never get tired of growing the Lemon Drop with their surprising spicy, citrus, tangy flavors! Not only are their flavors amazing for many culinary meals, but the Aji Limon pepper is also an unforgettable ornamental plant that you’ll want to stare at all day long in your garden. The 3-foot tall Hot Lemon pepper plant heavily produces gorgeous, crinkly, thin-walled pods that will ripen from green to clear lemon yellow, and sometimes to dark purple blush. The Aji Limo peppers will grow to 2-3 inches long with very few seeds. The Lemon Drop pepper Scoville is between 15,000-30,000 SHUs so you’ll notice a medium-heat punch when you eat it raw, a heat similar to the Cayenne, Serrano, or Tabasco.

Heat Level : 15,000-30,000+ SHUs

Species: Capsicum Baccatum

Origin : Peru

Fun Fact: The Lemon Drop chili is very popular in Peru as a tangy seasoning for meals and snacks. Its name means “Lima Pepper’ which is referring to the Peruvian city.

Lemon drop seeds

Here’s another great classic – and an essential part of Peruvian cuisine! Baccatum peppers traditionally only grow in South America, but they are actually the easiest and most successful plants for home growers and beginners in chili hobby.

Lemon Drop represents hot, non-sweet, slightly lemon-flavored types of baccatum peppers (as opposed to sweet, low-heat or only moderately hot Ajis). The plant is relatively compact and produces lots of bright yellow fruit even in non-ideal home conditions.
Grows well in pots. Lemon Drop is especially great for fish dishes! Also a very good, different tasting alternative to Cayenne and other Asian-type red hot peppers.