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lemon bean seeds

Lemon bean seeds

Lemon Hammer cannabis seeds from Massive Creations are part of a large seed drop from this outstanding Californian seed company.

Lemon Hammer is named after the many, many lemon strains that grace her ancestral line and the metaphorical hammer of potency that delivers the zing. The full immediate lineage is: Lemon Bean x Lemon Bean – itself a powerhouse that features Lemon Skunk, Sour Diesel and Lemon Tree in its genetics. All those lemons result in a strain of rare potency that will have you pursing your lips with the effects of sharp, zesty limonene – a real throwback to all those amazing lemon strains from back in the day. This wonderfully bred cross is a Who’s Who? of lemon legends and shows all the very best characteristics from her immediate genetic lineage.
Finely balanced between Sativa and Indica in dominance, Lemon Hammer flowers in 8-9 weeks and legally operating growers can expect high yields and potent results from this outstanding Cali hybrid.

Massive Creations is an American cannabis seeds company, eponymously named after its founder, the legendary underground breeder, Shiloh Massive.
Shiloh’s back catalogue is a glittering collection of cup-winning strains that he bred in Amsterdam, Spain, Hawaii and now California. With decades of experience with cannabis, Shiloh has a very well-deserved reputation for breeding strains with astonishing potency and has released exclusive, limited edition seeds in collaboration with T.H.Seeds that are among the most sought-after cuts out there.

Lemon Hammer is available now from PureSativa in packs of 10 regular seeds.

Lemon bean seeds

To really enhance the citrus terpenes of Lemon Bean, grind your flower before smoking

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Lemon Bean Strain Review

Despite its newness in Arizona, Cresco’s Lemon Bean comes in a beautiful glass package that comes with information about the terpenes on the inside of the label. She says that Arizona dispensaries are slowly making the transition to more aesthetic packaging and informational labels, including info about terpenes.

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Lemon Bean is a wonderfully aromatic, citrus-y strain of cannabis that Kelly loves, especially from her trusty producer Cresco . Cresco even has a S.E.E.D. program, which stands for ‘social equity & education development’ to diversify the cannabis industry and invest in minority growers.

And her #1 piece of advice to cannabis consumers is “THC percentage is not everything.” Terpenes matter a lot and can help you achieve the exact high you want. She compares it to wine–you don’t buy wine simply for its’ strength, but also flavor, feel, and smell. And Elizabeth agrees!

Lemon bean seeds

Lemon Hammer is ready for harvest in about 9 weeks of flowering cultivated indoors, while outdoors the harvest is ready in October. It offers high bud yields under optimal growing conditions.

It produces a powerful lemon aroma and flavour ideal for citric lovers, adding peppery notes that provide a very special touch to the lemony base.

Alchimia is pleased to present Lemon Hammer by Massive Creations, an S1 from the well-known Lemon Bean genetics. It is a strain characterised by a powerful lemon flavour that impregnates the taste buds with limonene together with a spicy touch reminiscent of old school genetics.

Lemon Hammer is the Lemon Bean selected version, initially created by Dying Breed Seeds. It is a cross of genetics with a great presence in the cannabis market as are Lemon Tree, (Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel), and Og Eddy.

It is a plant with a vigorous development inherited from its ancestors, ramified with large and wide dark green leaves. It is a variety well adapted to both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Lemon Hammer produces a hybrid plant effect with a powerful euphoric high and a relaxing ending thanks to its high THC levels.