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larry face seeds

Larry Faced is an OG Kush hybrid marijuana strain that blends the Southern California Larry OG with the Face OFF OG BX1 breeding male plant. Larry OG emerged around 2006/7 and it was immediately apparent that this pheno was less lanky with stronger stems than other OG phenos. Its flavour was also a bit different with a mouth-coating quality that proved popular.

Larry Faced is an indica-dominant strain that grows into a medium to tall plant with yields that are medium to high in size in the standard (for OG Kush) 67 – 72 days flowering. Archive Seeds liken its flavour profile to a “lime Kush soapy, lemon funk” which perhaps perfectly reflects its complexity.

Also known as Lemon Larry because of its strong overtones of citrus, Larry OG marijuana is balanced hybrid and potent mood elevator. With 24% THC content, you can expect to feel almost immediately soothed by its indica heritage, coupled with a euphoric high that is surprisingly focused. Despite that cherry uplift in mood, save Larry OG marijuana for the evening, because a steady sleepy feeling sets in over time, which gets more pronounced the more you smoke. Popular among patients, it’s ideal for treating mental health disorders and chronic pain conditions, as well as for patients suffering from appetite loss.

With the ability to deliver a smile as effectively as another famous Larry we know, Larry OG feminized mairjuana seeds are a legend in their own right, delivery worry-free relaxation on a cloud of citrus/pine smoke.

Larry OG feminized marijuana seeds are known for producing dense nugs and a shock of burnt orange pistils that are longer than average. Larry flourishes indoors, in a greenhouse, or a grow tent, but because some patience and attention is required to maintain it’s often statuesque height, it’s considered one of those kinds of strains better suited for intermediate gardeners who have some experience cultivating finicky marijuana seeds.


A toke of Larry OG is like taking a bite of fresh meringue pie, except the sticky sweet taste of this potent marijuana will leave you feeling relaxed and worry free.

You’ve got a good friend in Larry OG feminized marijuana seeds – order now!