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kings banner seeds

Kings banner seeds

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Kings Banner is a heavy couch lock Indica perfect as a medicinal strain for those with chronic pain or sleep issues.

With heavy yields and high THC this is the ultimate combination of kushiness and potency.

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SeedMadness is the place for the freshest and finest cannabis seeds. With over 2500 strains from the top cannabis seedbanks and specialised premises OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, you know you can trust SeedMadness for your weed seeds.

King’s Banner by Dark Horse Genetics is a truly royal strain that thanks to superb Kush and Bruce Banner genetics won’t disappoint even seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Super-strong, powerful and absolutely worth growing!

Out comes a phenomenally powerful strain where Dark Horse is confident that she’ll again break all records when it comes to THC content. Expect a massively powerful effect and big medicinal potential!

Seeing that some phenos of Kings’ Banner can measure an incredible 30% of THC, we probably wouldn’t need to repeat that this is a very potent, heavy-hitting Indica that will make for incredible long-lasting and deep relaxation when you smoke her. Because of her potency, King’s Banner also has big medicinal potential and can be the ideal plant to grow if you want a powerful strain to help with chronic pains, muscle tension, sleeping problems and many more ailments.

King’s Banner, despite her royal name grows actually rather short but this compact size is a benefit for all those growers where space would be an issue. You can grow the females of this regular strain equally well indoors or outdoors. Despite her small stature, King’s Banner impresses with very good yields so that you definitely want to consider supporting her due to the sheer load of fat buds she’ll grow in no time. With a flowering time of 9 weeks, she keeps the wait until harvest time still reasonably short.


Regular cannabis seeds King’s Banner by Dark Horse Genetics. Cross of King Louis XIII x Joseph OG x Bruce Banner n3. creating a hybrid of Indica dominance, compact size and well branched. King’s Banner produces dense and thick buds, coated with a thick layer of resin and its THC levels are around 25-30%. It finishes its flowering after 9 weeks leaving a generous production.

The expert breeders at Dark Horse Genetics created a strain that’s truly worthy of a King with their King’s Banner. For making this bombastic and super-potent strain they took a couple of their best Kushes, a King Louie XIII and a Joseph G, and crossed them with the legendary Bruce Banner, a strain which previously had been awarded being the “Strongest Strain on Earth” by High Times magazine.

Sex: Regular
Type: Indica
Genetics: King Louis XIII x Joseph OG x Bruce Banner no.3
Indoor Flowering: 9 weeks
Outdoor Flowering: End Sept – Mid Oct
Yield: High
THC: 25-30%

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