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keep weeds from growing under deck

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(For those of you who already have weeds attacking your yard, read our article on How to Get Rid of Weeds.)

Yes, you can. Synthetic landscape fabrics provide a physical barrier to weeds yet allow air, water and nutrients through to plant roots. Spread the fabric over bare soil around trees and shrubs; overlap several inches of fabric at the seams. Anchor the material with U-shaped metal pins, then conceal it with 1 to 2 in. of mulch, such as stone or bark chips.

6 Weeding Mistakes

Tips on how to keep weeds out of the garden, add the right amount of mulch over weeds, and 6 mistakes to avoid to keep your garden weed-free.

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As with most types of prevention, discouraging weed seeds from sprouting requires some extra time now so you can save a lot of time later.

Where to Find It

Check the label to determine if it is safe for use around the kinds of landscape plants you have and effective against the weeds normally present.

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Keep weeds from growing under deck

You can also use rocks, bricks or anything heavy to keep everything close to the ground. Sand is heavy and offers drainage so you will not get puddles and a lot of runoff when it rains.

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You can just use a salt or weed killer mix and that area will not see any weeds for many years. But this method will do more harm than good once it starts to spread around the garden and onto the lawn and the flower beds.

Here at Wezaggle, we believe you should not be destroying the area with salt or weedkiller, there is a very easy method that will take a few hours to organise and install underneath the decking boards.

You must not use plastic sheeting because you will find that rainwater puddles and becomes stagnant.

Fitting Your Weed Barrier

Weeds can be an issue for garden decking if the installer did not take measures to avoid weeds growing through the decking boards.

Not many people think about weeds when they install their decking only to discover a few months later that green shoots start to pop up.

Using salt or strong weed killer can harm the local wildlife, ruin your soil and could make your pet sick if they digest it.

Installing A Weed Barrier

Because the boards have been installed in can be hard to spread out the weed barrier underneath the decking boards.

I then cover the weed barrier with sharp sand so there is no room for weeds to grow and take hold underneath the weed barrier.