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kc 36 seeds

Kc 36 seeds

We will match your seeds with Feminised or Auto depending on your selection, We have a great choice of free seeds from all the big brands!!


The average indoor grower can see as much as 400 – 700 grams per square meter when growing using a sea of green. Outdoor growers easily produce 150 grams per plant or more while experienced outdoor growers will produce around 900 grams per plant or better. THC percentages come in at a stunning 19% giving this shit what it needs to be legit! When you’re looking for some kickass grass this is some fire ass weed indeed my friend. Get your hands on some KC 36 regular cannabis seeds from Ice Headshop today.


KC 36 from KC Brains Holland are the kind of cannabis seeds you’re going to find when you shop online for cannabis seeds at Ice Headshop. These incredible regular cannabis seeds will have your collection on point. Not everyday do you see these type of cannabis seeds. When you run across them it’s time to add them to your collection. If you don’t already have these incredible cannabis seeds in your collection don’t delay another day. Growers around the world love the results they get both indoors and outdoors alike when growing KC 36 regular cannabis seeds.

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It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

KC 36 regular cannabis seeds have an average flowering time that goes between 45 to 55 days making this one amazing blazin strain of cannabis. Characteristics associated with this hybrid strain of marijuana will blow your mind. It has a euphoric body high that leaves you feeling uplifted but also is known to give you a case of couch lot depending on how much you consume and how much of a consumer you are.

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KC 36® Feminized seeds produce plants that grow to about 175 centimetres outdoors, with dark green leaves that are notably broad. Plants are multi-branched and irregular while the buds are dense and covered in silvery crystals. Indoors, the plants grow shorter, about 75 centimetres, but have the same irregular growth pattern. THC content is high.

Inside flowering 6-8 weeks
height Apr. 75 cm, yield up to 175 gram.

KC 36® Feminized weed has a strong, skunky smell and the taste includes notes of tropical fruit and citrus. This is one of those weeds that has a powerful physical hit and smokers, particularly inexperienced ones, may well find themselves locked to the couch for a period. Medical practitioners recommend this strain for people who find it difficult to relax or have problems with sleeping.

More production for every square meter! We keep the parents of this success-product as a secret. KC 36® Feminized is a short stocky plant that produces giant buds and is very productive. A true THC bomb.


Outside flowering 6-9 weeks
height 1.75 m, yield up to 900 gram.
harvest end of September until half October.

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KC 36® Feminized is quite hardy and will tolerate periods of rain and cooler weather. Plant it somewhere where it will get as much sun as possible and it will thrive. Outdoor harvest comes in late September and you can expect yields of around 900 grams per plant. Indoors, the plants can be grown in hydro or soil and flowering time is six to eight weeks. Indoor yields are lower than outdoor ones.