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kc 33 seeds

Kc 33 seeds

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It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

THC percentages average between 18 to 22%. You can expect an extremely potent batch of sticky stinky buds from this incredible cannabis. If your growing indoors make sure to have the proper filtration system in place. If your growing outdoors make sure you’re in an open area that growing is permitted. Growing your cannabis seed collection on the other hand is easier than ever before thanks to the fine folks at Ice Headshop.

KC 33 regular cannabis seeds tend to have an average flowering time that ranges between 55 – 65 days. Indoor growers and outdoor growers alike see amazing results. The average indoor grower who chooses to grow in a sea of green can produce as much as 450 to 600 grams per square meter or more with the right environmental conditions. Outdoor growers will easily produce 100 – 200 grams per plant or better. Experienced growers will blow these numbers out of the water achieving 800 – 1100 grams per plant or more.

KC 33 regular cannabis seeds by KC Brains Holland can be found right here online at Ice Headshop. Looking for cannabis seeds like these used to take days sometimes even weeks. Now you can order cannabis seeds genetics such as KC 33 in a matter of seconds. KC33 regular cannabis seeds provide growers both indoors and outdoors alike with phenomenal results. With short flowering times, potent THC percentages, and large yields it’s no wonder KC 33 regular cannabis seeds are the cat’s meow.

A Dutch-strain, cultivated for years, we have crossed with Thai and Brazil male plants. KC 33® is further developed for outdoor growing, but is also indoor a Number 1. The buds are compact and have a lemon-fresh taste and produce double T.H.C.

Inside flowering 6-9 weeks
height Apr. 100 cm, yield up to 130 gram.

Outside flowering 8-10 weeks
height 2.5-3.75 m, yield up to 900 gram.
Harvest end of September