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karma bitch seeds

Karma Bitch is a 70% sativa strain that can produce medium to high yields. It was created from the cross of Skywalker OG and Neville’s Wreck.

As with most Rare Dankness marijuana strains the trichome production of Karma Bitch is off the scale and this strain’s terpenes create the most exotic perfume from a cannabis strain ever! Flowering time indoors comes in at between 60 – 80 days. The flavours read like a tasting menu: sugary sweetness, Haze, incense, coffee and chocolate all mingle into one delicious whole that is just irresistable to all cannasseurs of exotic weed.

Some of the most intense trich production you’ll ever experience with cannabis. Sugar, sweetness, haze, incense, coffee and chocolate all mix and mingle into a unique flavour and lingering smell that you’ll want to put into the air again and again.

Rare Dankness – Karma Bitch Feminised Cannabis Seeds 6 Pack

For Rare Dankness’ personal taste they prefer the longer flowering phenos of Karma Bitch. The majority of the plants will be a solid 50/50 Indica/Sativa high.

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