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kandy crack seeds

In addition to banishing stress and anxieties, Kandy Kush marijuana is an excellent option for insomniacs, allowing patients to drift into blissful sleep as it slows down swirling thoughts. Even patients with mild forms of PTSD and depression have found measured relief with Kandy Kush on their side.

Kandy Kush (or Candy Kush, if you’re a stickler) is a balanced marijuana hybrid from a strong lineage, and its sweet, skunky flavor is best enjoyed in the evening when you’re ready to relax and unwind.

Treat yourself to something sweet – Kandy Kush marijuana seeds grow into a balanced hybrid that will satisfy your sweet tooth while you relax and unwind.

Kandy Kush marijuana allows its indica genetics to call the shots, for a slow calm that permeates the entire body. This creeping sedation is ideal for relieving stress, and the sativa side will lift your mind and spirit into a happy place, that some have labeled euphoric.


The flavor and aroma of Kandy Kush marijuana are much as you’d expect from its descriptive title – sweet and fruity in both the nose and the mouth, characteristics that make it appealing to a wide range of consumers. Its colorful buds are another selling point, not to mention its heavy resin production and bountiful yield come harvest time. Grown indoors with the Screen of Green method and low-stress training techniques, gardeners are likely to be pleased with their average harvest from these short, sturdy plants.

Kandy crack seeds

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