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johnny marijuana seed

Johnny marijuana seed

Its now fabled that Johnny began his nomadic life after having a dream in which he had a vision
of a world filled with apple trees in bloom and where no one had to go hungry. He then set out to fulfill that dream.

What is this phenomena and who is this person who gave us this name, "Johnny Marijuana Seed?"

(Pssss. together we can make the difference. )

Also, help us put Johnny Marijuana Seed on Wikipedia please.

Ever since Spanish missionaries first carried plants to California in the 1700s,
explorers and pioneers have innocently brought all kinds of familiar plants to America.
The dandelion came from France and Benjamin Franklin brought the Chinese tallow.

He says he has made $4 million in profit since 1996 selling seeds in his Vancouver store, by mail and on the Internet. But he says he has not saved a dime, does not own a share of stock or bonds, does not even own a piece of property.

"IT was an epiphany," he said. "I had a sixth sense added to my five senses. The silence sounded different, smells were more nuanced and the brightness of the moon made it look bigger and more substantial in the sky."

"Let me be the light that shines on the American gulag," he said, stern-eyed, pointing into the camera. Without notes, Mr. Emery sermonized for a half-hour about everything from the marvelous medicinal and spiritual qualities of pot to the greatness of Thomas Jefferson, "who gave America on hemp paper the Declaration of Independence."

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, Mr. Emery has sold millions of dollars worth of seeds to growers in California, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia.

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A lanky Canadian with a taste for bland T-shirts and chinos, he proudly promotes himself as the leader of the sizable Vancouver marijuana counterculture that is condoned by the municipal government and much of the city's population. He postures as just a regular guy who loves the Vancouver Canucks, and rarely smokes more than a joint or two a day.

As leader of the British Columbia Marijuana Party, he has run candidates across the province and has himself run for mayor twice in Vancouver on the platform of disbanding the police force and remaking it from scratch. Armed with a speaking style that resembles a tommy gun firing off sound bites, he came in a respectable fifth out of 16 candidates in the last mayoral election, in 2002.

"He operated his business very efficiently, making a lot of money at the expense of our kids and the American public," Rodney Benson, special agent in charge of the D.E.A. field division in Seattle, said in an interview.