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jacky girl seeds

Jacky girl seeds

We took our time to develop this new school strain. The quest was to breed a plant that combined the greatest characteristics of the greatest plants. It took time – years – to get the strain just the way we wanted it, but the result was worth it. A femme fatale that packs a punch.

Jacky White Female Cannabis Seeds by Paradise Seeds – High Yield, Fast Finish… Jacky White is the ultimate performer, a dashing mix of heritage and knowledge. The result? A big harvest sativa that became an instant classic when it was introduced.

An immediate hit when it first came out, this plant’s reputation still burns strong. That’s because: for a fast growing, high yielding plant, the effects are just so damn good… An overwhelming experience served on a layer of citrus ‘haze’.

Jacky girl seeds

Jacky Girl or Jack’s Girlfriend is a hybrid cross of Jack Herer and Girl Scout Cookies cultivated by Rebel Spirit Marijuana. It explodes out of the bag with an intoxicating fragrance of mint, citrus, and pungent earth. This tall ferns structure takes immediately after its Jack Herer parentage while its flavors and effects take a cue from GSC. Jacky Girl behaves like a hybrid, distributing mental and physical effects that produce a functional, however pleasurable buzz that is equal parts uplifting and euphoric. Adore Jacky Girl to enhance mood, dissipate stress, and stimulate creativity.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Jacky Girl strain is best described as Citrus.