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iverson 96 seeds

Iverson 96 seeds

Eighty-five percent of drug arrests in the black community for the last 30 years have been cannabis-related. You look at a place like New York where it’s recently been decriminalized and arrests are down 95 percent in the community.

Have you talked with current players about their use and desires for cannabis?

We need to take a look and say it’s a plant it’s grown without all the bullshit. It’s been able to help a lot of athletes. We know for a fact that 85 percent of the NBA currently uses cannabis in one shape or form.

In the lead-up to the launch of ‘96, you two have been quite candid in interviews about using marijuana during your career as well as outside of it. How refreshing has it been to be able to be so open now?

Iverson 96 seeds

Ball Family Farms is well-known for its good weed, proprietary genetics, and strains named after famous movie characters in Black culture. Its flagship hybrid Daniel LaRusso is some heat, as is the Laura Charles and Bruce Leroy. In late October, the brand will be adding to the collection by releasing its newest banger: Nino Brown.

Available: California

Available: California

Insane: Cali Lights

Cali Lights is a Seed Junky Genetics-bred, Insane-grown strain that was created by crossing Zkittlez and Kush Mints. This is the first run of it to hit stores. Insane’s team told me that Cali Lights has a gassy, cool mint snap to it with hints of lime and pine. The terpene profile is dominant in caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. When you smoke Cali Lights, you can expect an authentic kush taste with a smooth and distinct flavor that leads to a very balanced body buzz and head change.

Played by Wesley Snipes, Nino Brown is the main character in the movie New Jack City. As far as Nino Brown the strain goes, the indica-dominant hybrid was bred by Ball Family Farms using proprietary genetics that it keeps under wraps — no matter what. Through email, Chris Ball, the brand’s founder, told me, “BFF prefers to keep their proprietary strain genetics under wraps, challenging the culture to try it and suss it out.”

Viola x Iverson Collection: ’96

Everything I’ve ever smoked from Insane was some of the best flower I’ve smoked in years. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was doing my best to preserve the last nug of its Mamba Juice because it was so damn good. This month, the brand known for its Kush genetics will be coming forward with three new strains that I cannot wait to smoke: Cali Lights, OMG, and Julia. Especially that Cali Lights — I’ll admit, the packaging got me.

Available: California