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is it legal to grow your own marijuana in colorado

Is it legal to grow your own marijuana in colorado

In this article, our Colorado criminal defense attorneys answer these frequently-asked-questions:

1. How much marijuana can I grow in Colorado?

Colorado law permits adults 21 and older to grow up to 6 marijuana plants, with no more than 3 being mature plants. Homes with two or more adults can have no more than 12 marijuana plants. A first-time offense of possessing more than 12 plants is a level 1 drug petty offense, punishable by up to $1,000.

2. Can people under 21 grow marijuana?

Colorado penalties

The law of Colorado is very clear as to the amount of marijuana one can carry in public. There is no penalty if you are found to be in possession of marijuana and you have met the minimum age requirements of being 21 or older.

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Is there a limit to the number of plants I can privately grow in Colorado?

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If you are over the age of 21 and want to grow Marijuana without a cannabis business, the number of marijuana plants under your care must not exceed 6 as outlined in the Constitution of Colorado, Article XVIII section 16 (3). In case you exceed the limit and you are found to be in illegal possession of marijuana plants, you will have committed a drug felony, hence punishable by 6-18 months imprisonment and a fine not exceeding $100,000.

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Is it legal to grow your own marijuana in colorado

Holmes: That’d be for a 4-by-4-foot area, so you’ll need only one grow light, plus one grow light with a white-blue vegging light bulb and an orange-red flowering light bulb.

Archambault: After Jan.1, 2014, you can buy cannabis seeds in Colorado without a medical marijuana card. Seeds, and cuttings, will be sold at state-licensed marijuana retail stores. But remember, you can’t tell whether a seed is male or female. You have to wait until it germinates. It takes about a month to see the telltale signs of the first budding flowers. The males only grow leaves.

Even in jurisdictions that don’t allow retail marijuana shops, it’s legal to grow your own on your own property, within the specifications of Amendment 64.

Q: Is growing marijuana comparable to starting tomatoes or other garden plants?

Q: What about pets?

Archambault: Five hundred is cutting a lot of corners. I’d say more like $1,000.

And it’s going to appeal to many who live in a Colorado town or county that doesn’t allow retail stores — and there are quite a few of those, especially on the Eastern Plains. Even within the county of Denver, the retail marijuana scene is a confusing patchwork: Legal in Glendale, but not in Englewood; legal in Denver but not yet in Edgewater.