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is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in colorado

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in colorado

The handshake agreement also means their prices are comparable to those companies and they won’t offer much in the way of unique discounts. Still, if you want a company based in the United States, and one that’s attentive to your unique requests, you can’t do better or do it faster.

In addition to growing guides, forums, and journals, they have deals like Buy 10 Seeds, Get 10 Seeds Free, free shipping, guaranteed delivery, guaranteed germination, and multiple coupons.

8. Beaver Seeds – Best Seeds Bank Customer Support

No, most companies stick to credit cards, Paypal, bank wire transfers, and other electronic funds transfer methods. Cryptocurrency usage is rising, however, as well as cash and money orders which are harder to trace.


1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Best Seed Bank Overall

Herbie’s Seeds offers good deals on selected strains, multiple forms of payment (including Bitcoin and wire transfer), and best of all, offers free Gorilla Glue Auto seeds with every purchase.

Possession Laws

You may not fly out of Denver with marijuana. Other airports in the state have similar rules, but some are less strict.

Colorado Marijuana Laws

If you plan to purchase a mix of these products, a licensed recreational marijuana store can help you determine the legally acceptable limits for each purchase.

Legal Age to Purchase Marijuana

Because marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, it is illegal to use cannabis on federally owned properties, including:

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