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is growing cannabis legal in spain

Is growing cannabis legal in spain

This study popularized cannabis with many politicians, and many users in Spain are able to get medical marijuana from numerous social clubs.

There are many technicalities to look out for as well as loopholes that can help keep you covered. Social Clubs are one such loophole, as when you go to sign up for them, you’re essentially giving them the authorization to grow your weed.

Spain’s culture has increased due to Cannabis. It’s legal for shops to sell seeds, so you could imagine that growing a plant in Spain wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows if you play by the book. Cops don’t pay too much attention to it mainly for its decriminalized status. That tells them that there are way harsher things out there for them to be looking out for.

You don’t have to always smoke in your home when in Spain. There is no shortage of Cannabis Clubs there, with over 200 of them being located in Barcelona alone. This is allowed due to the fact that all of the clubs are registered as private. Merely strolling in and asking for a joint like it’s Amsterdam won’t work there.

Spain’s Recent History With Cannabis

Growing a nice looking stalk is the dream of many new cannabis users. But when you bring in the factor that it’s not legal in many places, that dream can be poured down the drain. Spain has it’s own perks, allowing it’s citizens to light up what they sow.

Why Decriminalized Doesn’t Mean Legal

While personal consumption has only recently been allowed by the government, using hemp for industrial profit has been in effect for over 22 years. The seeds are certified by the EU, and at the time of writing Catalonia has over 900 hectares of cultivated plants to its name. None of these seeds THC levels score above a 0.2, and they are mainly used for various forms of textile and seed production.

Sensi Seeds

This means that you own a small portion of whatever the club grows. Think of it as “X membership covers x amount of grams.” Some of these clubs aren’t able to afford the space or equipment, and will oftentimes buy it from other clubs or farms in the countryside. Illegal buys are common with some clubs that have seen repeat raids from officers.

When you go into a coffee-shop in Amsterdam, it has the resemblance of a pub. Walking into any of Barcelona’s Cannabis Clubs has the opposite effect, with the scenery mimicking a friends living room. You have to be invited by an already registered member to join, and the costs are said to be shared amongst all of the members.

Is growing cannabis legal in spain

Hence, it could be discerned that cannabis consumption is not penalized in Spain as long as consumption “doesn’t take place in public areas”. Nowadays, there are private cannabis associations, also known as cannabis clubs, formed by adults that decide to become members and comply with the requirements established by each non-profit organisation.

The Law on the Protection of Public Safety (from now on LPPS), which has been in force since the first of July of 2015 and is also known as “the Gag Rule”, details that those being in possession of drugs or consuming them in public places will receive a fine that will range between 601-10400 euros, depending on the aggravating circumstances. If the confiscated amounts were aimed at third parties, then it is considered as a crime against public health and therefore; penalized with 3 to 6 years of jail plus a fine that triples the value of the drugs, according to what has been stipulated in article 368 of the Penal Code.

What is the Actual Law Regarding Marijuana?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) concluded in 2017 that “CBD is not addictive nor causes harmful effects to human health”; and it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects capable of altering consumers’ conscience. Despite this thesis, there has been no legal re-formulation, therefore there is no law regulating this substance.

Is It Legal to Grow Weed in Spain?

Nowadays, different political parties – availed by the vast majority of the Spanish Society- are willing to completely reformulate the current legal framework in order to regulate its therapeutic use and meet the needs of medicinal cannabis consumers. On the other hand, parliamentary differences are centered in the regulation of marketing and recreational uses; as well as in adding a new regulation to serve as a base for cannabis’ self-cultivation.

Is growing cannabis legal in spain

The myth that "three plants per person are allowed" is unfounded and there is no legal amount specified anywhere in existing legislation as technically any number of plants are illegal.

Some individuals have confidently announced that specific amounts, such as 12 kilos, or ten plants, are considered legal, but unfortunately Spanish law is not actually specific on the issue.

Legally none, but discretion is frequently exercised

If, on the other hand, the owner of a larger plantation is a multiple sclerosis sufferer who smokes cannabis to ease the symptoms and no other incriminating evidence is found, then a more sympathetic view could be taken.

Those who strive to discover an answer to the question “how much cannabis can I legally grow in Spain?” will therefore continue to be frustrated, but the most sensible path of action should you choose to disregard the law, is to be sensible, be discreet, be realistic about your own personal consumption and don´t be greedy.