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“Education will play a critical role in driving social equity within the cannabis industry. As the fastest growing industry in the U.S., it is full of opportunity, and a skilled workforce was needed yesterday. It’s a shame that universities have shied away from teaching the skills necessary for success. We are so proud of MEC for being a leader in this effort. We hope their bravery and hard work will blaze a trail for other institutions to follow. The work MEC is doing is very aligned with Cookies U, and we hope to partner with them on this meaningful initiative,” said Berner, visionary co-founder and CEO of Cookies.

Cannabis cultivation and laboratory sciences will be a focus of subsequent classes offered at MEC, including those led by Damian Fagon, founder of the Hudson Valley’s Gullybean Farm, one of a handful of Black-owned farms in the U.S. and one of the few farms cultivating hemp.

Echoing the program’s central tenet, cannabis legacy guru Branson said, “For the cannabis industry to be truly equitable black and brown community members require substantial cannabis education and pipeline opportunities. I am extremely pleased that MEC has taken into consideration all aspects of the cannabis industry towards developing a holistic program that will facilitate much-needed social equity gains in the cannabis space.”

“The legal cannabis industry is New York City’s most promising economic development opportunity. It will employ tens of thousands of people and generate hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue. So the entire City and the whole industry should be grateful to the courageous folks at the MEC Cannabis Education Task Force for being ahead of the curve–for having the foresight to create the mechanism that will provide this new workforce and industry with the skills it will need to rise to its full potential,” said DeAngelo.

Indoor weed growing forum

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