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indoor grow kit weed

Indoor grow kit weed

Our kits are perfect for the first time grower and for the green thumb who wants to learn more. Our 5 Gallon Kit is designed to be placed indoors or outdoors on a patio, balcony, or in a home garden. It can be powered by the sun or artificial light, and can grow an auto-flowering seed, photo-period flowering (regular) seed, or clone.

Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit (5 gallon)

We recommend using Auto-flowering seeds. They make it easy by flowering after about 3 months, regardless of light cycle. This means you can plant it almost any time of year! These plants can grow up to 4 feet tall and yield up to 8 oz.

Product Description

Our included living soil blend provides all the sustenance your plant needs from seed to harvest. We poured all our knowledge and experience into a box so you can learn to grow faster!

Indoor grow kit weed

Grow Tent

The durable and sturdy grow tent in the kit is spacious enough to accommodate multiple plants. The 100% reflective Mylar lining on the inside supplements the grow lights by preventing any light leakage.

Typically, steel is the best material for large grow tents. However, you can get light aluminum-based smaller tents. Although the frame should be secure, at the same time, it should be easy to separate when storage is needed.

If you are a rookie, here’s a guide for you to help you choose the right product as per your needs.

6. TopoLite Hydroponic Weed Growing Kit

Growing weed at home is an intricate task. It not only requires optimum environment and care but the best tools and items for each stage too. Most importantly, you need to buy a complete marijuana growing kit.

The carbon air filter featuring inside the grow kit is 4-inch capable of removing any odor or dust from the tent. On average, it has a 2-years life span.

The tent has support from 600D super thick and tear-proof canvas that leaves absolutely no doubt about its extreme durability. Also, its size is enough to grow 6-8 plants simultaneously.


But you can avoid this hard work by doing the smart work of going with a weed-growing kit. It would not only save you time but get you a perfect light balance and ventilation system for the grow tent.

Carbon Air Filter